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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Lazy Saturday

Well I don't have anything awesome or meaningful to talk about today. Been mostly a lazy football Saturday! Antonio only had to work till about 12 because the computers at his work were down. So when he got home we went over to my parents house to watch the UofM game! GO BLUE! And man was it brutal. Michigan won 58-0, ouch. I almost fell asleep due to boredom!

It was pretty chilly today as well and my mom was in full on baking/cooking mode! She made us these ham, egg, and cheese quiches that we can put in the freezer and heat up for breakfast. She made homemade tortilla soup-delish, and homemade cabbage rolls. I am not a fan of those but my dad loves them! I prefer not to spend my evening in the bathroom! I have been spending the day watching football with my dad, eating, playing with Dyson and enjoying doing nothing!

Some friends of ours dropped by with some stuff they were getting rid of and asked if we wanted it. We got a mortar and pestol (is that what you call it?) bowl/spoon set. Aromatherapy set, cuisinart chopper, some marble coasters, some bone china rice bowls, playing cards, yoga and pilates books, and a 27 pack of ziploc tupperware containters. Is it sad to say I was most excited for tupperware? I am astounded at the small things I get excited over these days! It was nice to not have to cook or worry about anything and spend some time with my parents as they will be leaving for vacation on Friday for 8 days.

I want to wish my bff Meggers good luck tomorrow on her first half marathon! I know she will do great! Hope one day I will be as good as her in running! Love you!!

Well back to football and lazyness as I eat halloween chocolate chip cookies! Happy Saturday everyone and hope you have a great day tomorrow! The guy who the movie Rudy was based on is coming to our church tomorrow so that will be cool!!

Questions for ya:
1. Do anything fun today or were you lazy too?
2. Get anything random/neat lately?
3. What is something you love about your church?


Meg O @watchmegorun said...

aww thanks for the love. And you've been all sorts of cool stuff recently! I was mostly lazy today besides going to get all my race stuff and everything. Have fun at church with the guy from Rudy - i love that movie! hopefully i'll see you in the next few days or this upcoming week for sure :)

Kristin Miller said...

Love Lazy Saturdays! We watched football, went out for brunch, ran errands, and attended a FABULOUS party (Check my blog for hilarious pictures!). My favorite thing about my church is that they talk about REAL stuff, no sugar coating, just Bible centered reality in a city that likes to ignore moral living for whatever feels good!