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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Where is your heart in your blog?

Hey all. I know it's been about a week since my last blog, and I would like to apologize but in thinking about it, I really don't know why I should. The purpose of this blog was for myself. I am not getting paid to write this, or have thousands of followers who rely on reading my blog every day as a source of entertainment. Which is all fine and dandy for those who enjoy to use their blogs however they please. But my blog is not to serve anyone else's purposes. It is for mine only and if along the way people enjoy, are moved, get inspired, and learn something new from my blog than that is a bonus. I am not writing for anyone else and I think a lot of times I feel guilty when I don't blog daily or at least a few times a week. And really, I think that's just silly, why should I feel guilty for something I want to do for myself? It's like feeling guilty for not writing in your diary/journal.

The blog world is quite a different world than every day life, but like all things, there are pressures that come with it. And it is hard to not fall into those traps. To not want to make your blog bigger and better every day. To not want 1000+ followers or get 30+ comments daily. To not want to have the best page and all the accessories to go with it. It is strange how we can have blog envy and how we can start comparing our blogs to others like our blogs are us. If my blog doesn't look like this it's not pretty enough so therefore I am not good enough, etc. If I don't have enough followers, no one must like me or want to read my blog more than once. If I am not an ambassador or guest poster or something along those lines than my blog isn't good enough. If I don't have give aways or link ups to weekly blog themes other bloggers must not want to be associated with my blog. It is so easy to think these things and let them suck you in.

I find it funny how we can take our worldly perceptions and habits and throw them into a different world and conform them to that world to make them work just the same. And if you are not a blogger, these woes would not apply to you nor would you understand what I mean. But in taking this break for a week and thinking about things, and going to therapy to deal with my past rape (read about it here), my mind has been opening a lot. I am able to view things differently and recognize patterns in certain behaviors and I am learning how to look past them and view with a new light. To view myself as an I, not an it or a comparison towards others constantly. I am learning I am an individual and when I do things, regardless of what they are, they should be for myself. Not as in I am going to be completely selfish and forget everyone. But I am not going to hold my standards for others to make them for me. And I think that takes courage and gumption and confidence to do. And it's a process we all go through and come to at some point.

I am not better than anyone else and have struggled with this for so long. So if I don't blog every day or read other's people's blogs and comment, I am no longer going to feel guilty about it. This is not my job although it has a tendency to feel like a part time job, and I don't owe it my time. And therefore I will not apologize if I don't write daily or comment daily. And I challenge other blog writers to really look deep into why they started blogging. Did you do it just to get a fan base? Do you really want to share your love of fashion or cooking? Was your goal to share your life with your family so they could see how life was treating you? Or were you like me and did this for yourself? No matter how you started this blog, the question now is, are you still following that?

Or do you find yourself writing just for others to read and to keep them coming back? I challenge you to be true to yourself, and your blogging self and re evaluate your blog and see if you are writing for your initial reasoning you began the blog. Maybe you have strayed so far you have forgotten why you started this in the first place. Don't conform the real world into blog world like so many tend to do. Be unique, be different, be you. Don't let your blog be a popularity contest, it's not. Let us see the real you, the beautiful you, the smart you, the funny you, the happy and sad you, the hard working and sometimes lazy you, the creative you, and the you that gave you the courage to start blogging. You deserve to love yourself and this blog without all the pressures that come with it. To know that even if 1 or 0 people read your blog, you are still happy with it.

So bloggers, I ask you honestly, is your blog true to you? Or has it become something lost in the blog world conformed with real world standards? Where is your heart in your blog?

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Fashion & Food

So I was going to blog yesterday but life had other plans. I worked 12.5 hrs beginning at 6:30 am, and sometimes your brain just isn't awake that early to blog. I was also dealing with my allergicness to the world and my allergies were beating me to a pulp. And to top it off, Layla decided the only nap she needed was the 15 min nap in the stroller. SO needless to say I had a long day and when I got home, I ate some dinner, took a nice bath, and popped 2 benedryl and peaced out! Sometimes that's just how life goes!

Anyways, so I found some great steals at TJ Maxx Tuesday night! I have always wanted a pair of wedges but since I am almost 5''7' 1/2, I would become a super giant in wedges. So I gave up looking at them years ago. BUT I found short wedges! Anddd they were hot pink with a bow.. it was like they were made for me! I will be wearing these out!
TJ Maxx- $30

I also found a cute blue sundress as well!
TJ Maxx- $17

Next I give you a quick easy crockpot recipe I found on Pinterest! There are only 3 ingredients and super easy to make!

Crockpot Buffalo Chicken
3 lb chicken-either frozen or fresh
1 packet ranch
1 bottle Franks Red Hot Buffalo Style

To make- put your chicken into crockpot. Add 3/4 or entire ranch packet (I love ranch so I add it all!) If you like heat add entire bottle of Franks, if you don't add 3/4 and then you can always add more later to add extra heat. It was just perfect for me! Antonio added more on his after! But he could eat fire, so not surprised. 
Cook low 6-7 or high 3-4
After it's cooked, take a fork and shred the chicken. If it doesn't shred easily, then it is not cooked enough.

You can eat this multiple ways. We put them on a whole wheat hamburger bun, and added cheddar cheese on top! If I had ranch I probably would have put more on! I also made it into a dip yesterday and re-heated it and added some shredded cheddar cheese on top, then used tortilla chips to dip it in. You could also turn it into buffalo style nachos. So really you could be creative and do lots of things with this! It heats up well as leftovers too! The recipe I found used butter after it was cooked but I decided not to. So if you want to add butter it's 2 TBSP. We had au gratin potatoes and cantaloupe with it! 

I showed this a LONG time ago but this tool is so awesome for cutting cantaloupe and watermelon. We got it at Macy's for our wedding registry. 


This thing is awesome!! It cuts through the thick rind so easily and the edge scoops the seeds out! Tomorrow I have a Tortilla soup recipe adjusted to my liking for you! Just remember if you cook, you don't always have to follow the recipe exactly, don't be afraid to add things, omit things, or be creative! That's the fun in cooking!

Your turn-
Any stores you like that has good deals like TJ Maxx?
Ever seen the canteloupe slicer before?
Any good buffalo style anything recipes to share?

Happy Thursday all, it's almost Friday!!

p.s. proof of my tan lines.. well red lines!
Who knew you would need suntan lotion in March?!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tan lines in March? Get outta here!

Yes, it's true. Yesterday while taking Layla to the park, I got tan lines! This is crazyness for march!! But I love it! Sadly, I think our warm streak is going to actually go back to spring weather. The weather this weekend is going back into the 60s. Boo. I knew we were going to get spoiled and then it would go back to normal spring weather. Which is still better than snow and 30s.  It's better to be thankful for this jolt of summer, getting us out of winter mind funk than nothing! It just gets me more excited for our honeymoon cruise in a few months. Speaking of that, I found some suits online for sale through victoria's secret and jumped on that!
Victoria's Secret: Top- $24 Bottoms- $18

It is much cuter in person and has a lot of rhinestones! If you go to the site- Swimsuit #1, you can zoom in to see it better. I liked it besides the sale, because when you are tan those colors accent awesome! And it's tropically with all the little palm trees on it, and of course rhinestones=happy Lyndsey! Maybe I should take a picture like her when I get to the beach? Ya I don't think so!

Second suit from same place
Victoria's Secret: Top- $20 Bottom- $19

Well I love this suit because 1. white and pink are 2 of my fav colors 2. It's sparkly! 3. It comes in 2 other colors, blue & teal as well. Get it here-Swimsuit #2. It is really cute in person as well!

The website has a LOT of good stuff on sale! I wanted to buy a ton of suits, but only 2 was alotted by the hubs on sale. I also have a blue one I purchased from Target a few weeks ago. It's this incase you forgot-

It has little beads in the flowers. You can purchase here-Swimsuit #3. I still have to try on my suits from VS, but they are the same style I go for, so I think they will fit fine. I find for my body style, aka no boobs, triangle tops work best to help make it look like I have something. They have to be ties, none of the bra top styles. Bandeau tops are a joke on me, they don't stay up! And for bottoms I always have to have a large because mediums do not cover everything! And the string tie sides work best because it doesn't squish and shove all the fat everywhere! I can tie it as tight or loose as I want so it doesn't squish anything. 

There are a lot of suits I would love and wish to wear, but I am learning with my body type to accept what I can and can not wear. And that even if it's minimal padding, to accept this is my size and it's natural. Contrary to belief, men are drawn to a natural woman over implants. No dis to any who have them, if I could afford them, I probably would have them too. But alas I can not and I need to be happy with what I have. My husband is happy with them and he should be the only one who matters. Body image is always a tough struggle, but God made us to be a certain way and if he can love me like this, then I need to learn to love me too. No matter how big or small I am! At least I don't have problems not fitting in to tops because they are too large! I am thankful for that!

Enjoy your tuesday!

Your turn-
-anyone else getting tan lines in march this year?
-any cute swimsuit steals you have found for others to find?
-do you have a certain suit that fits your shape best?
-how do you feel about your boobs? honest.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Tornadoes, Cupcakes, & 6 Monthaversary, Oh My!

So Thursday at the end of work, we had some storms roll in. I was peacefully reading my book while Layla was napping when my mom called to tell me there had been a tornado about 25 min north of where I was. It wasn't even raining here yet. I turned on the news and they had the tornado watch on. I called Antonio to tell him what was going on since he was off and at home. Then all of a sudden the loudest crack of lightning/thunder I have ever heard in my life hit right above the house. Antonio could see it out our window (I live about 7-9 minutes from work) and said it looked like an explosion above us. He heard it through the phone, then heard it about 6 seconds later. It sounded like someone shot a gun off in my ear, I have never heard something so loud from nature. It freaked me out and of course woke Layla up and freaked her out. About 5 min later, her mom got home and told me to leave now before the storm hits.

So I made it home and about 15 minutes later there were reports of funnel clouds about 10 minutes away from us with possibility to touch down. Then this came on the screen-
Always what you want to see!

So the rain started really picking up with the window and we were just about to go to stand in the tub, this is the only safe place in our apartment with no windows. When I looked out the window and it started hailing. Which freaked me out quite a bit. Hail is a huge sign for a tornado coming. 
Snow? No! Hail.
They came up to the door, I didn't go stand outside collecting them!

So after it started hailing we proceeded to stand in the tub as the sirens went off outside, praying no tornado's touch down!
this was his "terrified" face. He looks scared doesn't he? not.

So luckily the storm got to us then turned south. No tornado's here, but still shocked to have a tornado in MI during March. It hit Dexter. There was quite a bit of damage done and they will be cleaning up for awhile. Thankful no one was killed though!

Friday night we had date night and of course the topic was sex. Talk about awkward having to talk about that with your parents in the room. I knew this was going to happen sooner or later, but it wasn't too bad, thankfully. We went out to dinner with Buddy Shuh and his wife after at Sidetracks. Pretty tasty!

Saturday I did my normal crazy schedule at the gym and arrived at 8 am for 8:15 bodyflow. Then Spinning after, took a break got a protein shake and sat outside till RPM spinning. I was worn out later on needless to say. Then I had an afternoon date with my Meggers. We went and saw Wanderlust. It was alright. I thought it was going to be a lot funnier, but it had a unique sense of humor to it. I would recommend just waiting for dvd. We then had to go get cupcakes of course!
Doing what we do best, take pics and eat cupcakes!
Nom nom nom

After I had to run home to change and get ready to go celebrate our 6 monthaversary of marriage! Antonio's mom had gotten us a gift card for a restaurant called Andiamo's and 2 movie passes. So we opted to see 21 Jump Street after. That was much better than Wanderlust! It was pretty hilarious, a bit of language though to warn you. So here are some pics from our Andiamos adventure.
our free appetizer for it being our first time there
the fireplace that would be turned on normally this time of year!
Basically a kit kat covered in chocolate mousse and chocolate ganache, then lit on fire.

And on Sunday my throat was hurting and I was super tired. So I pretty much sat in bed, napped, and watched TV. Throats still hurting today but I am trying to fight through and not let it keep me down. Hope you had a good weekend!

Your turn-
-Have you seen either movie? Comments.
-Have you ever been near a Tornado/seen one?
-How was your weekend?

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Swings & Personal Bests!

Happy Thursday all! Thanks for all the supportive comments yesterday. They really help push me to be stronger! :) And I had a wonderful day yesterday so that really helped!

My mom had the day off of work so she called me up tuesday night and asked if I wanted to have a picnic in the park with her, Dyson, and Layla. I of course have no objection to this. So we grabbed some panera before heading off to the park. It got up to 75 yesterday! So beautiful. So here are a few pics of our park afternoon. And this first one was my trying to be creative before we left. Key word trying!
yay or nay?
Layla and Dyson together were too cute
Can you find the swan?
swings are always a given, or as Layla calls them-wee wee!
who doesn't love swings?
time to drive!
she was trying to give Dyson kisses
she wanted to give the pole a hug
and one last one before we left!

I wanted to go back to the park after work and try to run over 4 miles. I wanted to see if I could do it and if I would be able to, then I would run the 10k next month. If I couldn't then I was just going to x-nay the 10k. I was super exhausted from being up half the night and I was fighting to talk myself out of it. So I naturally did what anyone would do. Started doing yoga. I know, what is happening to me right? I actually am remembering this stuff! I did about 15 minutes and it actually felt good and my legs felt a little less sore from spin the previous 2 days. And it gave me some energy, so I set off to the park after work. It helped it was so beautiful out.

I got the park and it was crazy crowded which I expected. But I think having a place to go that has trails and it's 4 miles around, helps make me want to run outside. I actually liked it. Which I NEVER thought I would say I like running outside more than the mill! But now I hate the mill! Plus I am not constantly looking behind me for cars. There are no sidewalks in our neighborhood so I have to run in the street which freaks me out. But I almost got ran over a few times from bikes!

So I set off and I was doing good, had to slow my roll to get a good pace. I got to 1.64 miles and whabam my watch dies. I was so infuriated and was about to just call it quits, but I had to turn around to get back to my car and knew it was 1.64 miles to get back. Then a light bulb went off. I tried to calculate it to run back 1.36 do get the whole 3 miles. Then I would do the route a second time and try to turn around at 1.5 miles so then coming back would equal 3. Then I would have 6 miles. I have never run more then 4, so I knew if I made it back to 3 and turned around and had to force myself to be far away, I would have to finish the 6 miles even if I walked back. 

I looked at my watch time and then used the stopwatch on my ipod and added the time from my watch the end. I had no idea what pace I was going, but just tried to run what felt good to me. I was using the run walk run method and would run 3, walk 1, run 3, etc. Those little one min breaks helped get my breathing back down and give me a break to recoup and push myself forward. Funny enough the time it took for me to add up the mileage and figure that all out distracted me quite a bit. I forgot to stop running for my 1 min break. So thinking about math while running is a good distraction apparently! I got to 4.5 miles and knew this was it. Can I finish this without quitting and being forced to walk? I could feel a blister forming and was trying hard to ignore it. My legs were also starting to hurt. I got to mile 5 and about puked since I had never gone so far or ran that long. I got to 5.5 and knew I was almost there and after a walk break, I decided to push for the home stretch. When I saw my car I almost teared up because I was so proud of myself.

So my distance may not be exactly accurate but in the end I DID IT! I finished those 6 miles with a smile on my face. I needed that victory so badly! I was on top of the world until I stopped running and the pain set in and I wanted to die. My body hurt so bad. I timed in at 1:09:50. I will take it! Even though I know it probably isn't accurate either for 6 miles. Oh well. I was just ecstatic I got a personal best for distance!

I can not believe how much spinning has helped my breathing, my cardio, and my endurance. A month ago I would have never been able to run that before I started spin class. My pace was better for 6 miles than it was when I ran 4 miles a month ago! I couldn't believe it! So this just shows everyone, if you really put your mind to it, you really can excel and improve in things you aren't good at. I am not a runner, still not one. But I know if I really push myself and try, I can succeed! But I am good with 6 miles for now!

This was the casualty of running 6 miles though-
poor foot! :(

Good thing it's a rest day and I can wear flip flops! Have a good day all!

Your turn
-what was your favorite thing at the park growing up?
-ever beat a goal in the fitness world you never thought you would? how did you feel?

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Real Talk

It's 2 am as I sit here staring at the computer. My heart is heavy, my mind is full. I really could not anticipate how hard this process was going to be. I could not anticipate how hard the Devil was going to attack. One thing I have learned that I think we do not realize is how patient the Devil is. We think he just attacks on a whim when he feels like it. But he does not. He has a plan of attack and he sits back and watches you, he studies you and figures out what your weakness is and just when he can catch you off guard. He waits till you think he has left you alone and then he strikes.

It angers me how patient he can be. How deceptive and torturous he can be. How he waits till you are doing so well to strike. How he knows every inner depth of me and he can get there. How he knows my dislikes and likes. How he knows my weaknesses and my strengths. How he knows the perfect buttons to push to cause the most pain. How he is so quiet, but so loud at the same time.

It angers me how weak I am and that I can still let him get to me so easily. I honestly had no idea how weak I was with this process till tonight. I thought I was going in strong and when he attacked, I would fight him head on. I was wrong guys. I was sadly mistaken. And it angers me that I let him creep up on me and should have seen it coming but I ignored it.

I had a panic attack tonight and for the first time in my life, I could recognize him attacking me. And it wasn't just in my head, it was physically. I could not breathe. I freaked. I got so scared to even sleep and panic ensued. I didn't know what to do, how to handle this and I just gave in and became weak. He saw this and just hammered on me. I was 5 minutes short of going to the ER from how panicked I was and that I couldn't breathe.

I wanted to call my parents. I didn't know what to do. I wanted to scream. I wanted to punch something. I wanted to fight back. But I just didn't know how. This ensued more panic of not knowing what to do. I couldn't breathe. I couldn't control myself and it freaked me out. My anxiety has gotten so bad, to the point where I can't control my breathing, and it's keeping from sleeping well. It frustrated me that it's gotten this bad. And when I don't have control, anxiety ensues. And control comes as an effect from the abuse. It's issue upon issue upon issue. And its SO freaking frustrating you have no idea.

I am so angry I don't have control of myself, I am so angry as to why this is now an issue. I am so angry that I have such anxiety so quickly into this process and we really haven't dug into anything. As I get closer to Friday knowing this is going to really begin, my anxiety is flaring so badly. I honestly don't know if my anxiety is something I am going to be able to handle on my own. It freaks me out wondering if I am going to need something for it. (No worries, I am going to be e-mailing my therapist tomorrow to see what she thinks of all this, I can not wait till Friday.)

She said a core issue of this is dealing with the shame I have. I completely dismissed that sentence from my mind after she said it. Psht, I am not ashamed. Whatever lady. The next chapter of one of the books I am reading talks about dealing with shame. I have gotten through the part of what shame is. It scares me that I realized I really do have it. And I can't bring myself to open the book to continue reading. It scares me seeing how much thinking about this issue has caused me such anxiety and I don't think I am going to like this part at all. It scares me that this is going to be much harder than I anticipated and that this is just the beginning of what the Devil has up his sleeve. It scares me to be so scared.

At the same time in totally freaking out, I knew God was there. I am still so weak in crying out to him. I couldn't bring myself together to talk to him. I felt shameful. Then once I realized it was the Devil telling me I didn't deserve to talk to him, I let go. I walked around in circles just praying and talking to God until I finally calmed down. I have been listening to Christian music and just singing to Him. Realizing how much he loves me. And I need him to love me so desperately. And I need to stop pretending that I can somehow deserve what I already have. He already loves me, he has already forgiven me, and he is always there regardless of what I did so long ago. I know this, but I keep forgetting it. It's been easy to trust him till this shame thing came up. And I did not realize how deep this shame went and how huge of an issue it is. It seems bigger than God, but I know it isn't. Just feels like it.

It's so hard to let go of the thinking how can someone truly love me, want me, forgive me for what happened if I can't seem to. How can God still love me after all I had done to him? How can he not be ashamed of me? This shame issue is something I do not understand, nor know how to deal with. And clearly a core issue. But despite this one sided thinking of me, part of me know he does love me, just not all of me yet. Letting down the most precious person to you in the world in one of the most horrible ways, is so damaging.

I am writing this more so to chronicle this moment of how I feel. To  be able to look back in 5 months and see where I was less than a week into this process. To capture the raw truth and honesty of this process. To not only let myself, but to let others know how heart wrenching and scary this process is. To get a glimpse into the mind of someone dealing with this, so that maybe you might understand one day if it happens to someone you know.

This song speaks volumes of how I feel right now.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I have a confession

Ok guys, please don't laugh at me. This is highly embarrassing for me to admit! But if you know me, I am not very well endowed in the upper female region. I was hoping as I got into my 20s that maybe one day poof I would get boobs. Well poof, it didn't happen much to my dismay. It's like that growing gene went everywhere but there. Maybe after my height, butt, hair, and nails it just ran out of juice. Either way, they are not getting any bigger unless there is a baby in there, and we all know that is not happening any time soon!

So I have always been super self conscience about this area and got made fun of immensely in middle school for not getting a bra till 7th grade in gym glass. Man middle schoolers are brutal. So as I got older, I never needed a sports bra because I would be flat as a pancake with one of those on, and the padded ones weren't really around back then. I tried one once and I looked like a 12 year old. So I don't know if I got traumatized or established a phobia over sports bra's, but this led me to never buy one.

Now as I am working out a lot more and my bra's are drenched after the gym, I figured maybe it's time I step into the big girl world and buy a sports bra. So here it is ladies. I am 24, and I just bought my first sports bra ever yesterday. Mind you it's padded of course! I don't know why I was so terrified to do it. Probably because I assumed I would put it on and look like a 12 year old and everyone in the gym would laugh at me. (All in my silly head, I know.) But alas that didn't happen. And Jen was there to support me and re-establish I did not look like a 12 year old.

It still looked funny to me, but it was nice not pulling straps up and not being so sweaty. I decided to wear it all day today to get used to it, still feels weird. It feels like its squeezing my ribs, but hopefully if I stretch it out more, that will subside. I also got a memory foam seat for the spin bike since I am trying to do the class 4-5x a week. It was nice, we will have to see at the end of the week how I like it. And I found a shirt on sale for $10 that is made out of that breathable work out material. So I was dripping sweat everywhere, but my shirt showed no signs of being sweaty! LOVE IT!

I also convinced my dad to come to spin with Jen and I. I was surprised he said yes. At the end while we were stretching I asked how he liked it and his answer "I can't move." Sounds about right! haha! Before class started I had introduced my Dad to the teacher.  It was cute at the end of class, since he was the only new person there the crazy teacher (her name is Lizzie by the way) goes good job to our first timer! You made it through! Way to go Dad! And everyone goes way to go Dad! So I think that may convince him to come back! We will see!

I also picked up a new nail polish. Gotta look pretty for flip flops, and toes need to look cute for yoga! I kid! Kind of. It is Sally Hansen Diamond Strength collection. Called Pink Promise.
Sally Hansen.Diamond Strength.Pink Promise #250.$4 at Kroger.

I only have to work about 2.5 hours today! Darn, I know. Rough day! Then off to the gym of course. Bodyflow with my momma, then RPM Spin with Jen after!! That new fashion show with Jessica Simpson and Nicole Richie starts tonight. It looks interesting, think I might give it a try! We will review it tmr! Have a great Tuesday all!!

Your turn
-any embarrassing confessions to make?
-what are your thoughts on sports bras?
-any spring/summer nail polishes you love?
-have you ever taken a work out class with your parents?

Monday, March 12, 2012

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday all! Sadly it is raining here. :( Boo. It was so nice all weekend! But it's supposed to be 60-70 and sunny the rest of the week so I guess I will take 1 day of rain for a week of sun! Hope you all had nice weather this weekend too!

So the hubs and I are trying to find things to do together where we can have interactive fun and still spend time together and not have it involve tv/computer/video games/movies. At least now it's getting warmer out and we can start doing things outside, but during winter it's a lot harder. So we have been playing board games lately. First Monopoly, which I totally dominated in, and we bought another game Thursday. It's called Pandemic.

Basically the game is about killer viruses throughout the world and you all work together as a team to try and cure then eradicate the viruses before there are too many outbreaks that end up killing everyone. I was a little weary at first, I mean my favorite board game is the game of life, so this is a tad different for me. But I liked that we all worked together, and not against each other like Monopoly where everyone just hates each other after 5 hrs. We played it once before we went to my parents house to figure out everything. Then we went over to have dinner with my parents and play the game. Which my mom totally zoned out and it all went over her head, as to be expected. We pretty much played for her. haha. But she did manage to paparazzi us!
we were deep in thought for our next move!

We ended up dying both times we played! It is not as easy as it looks people!

Friday I had my first therapy session. It was pretty much getting to know each other and going through my history and telling her about things I had gone through. She suggested two books for me to read. I could only find the first one at the store, so the second one I will have to order. But they are not fun lift you up books. They are to deal with my trauma and really dig deep and learn more about it and face it. And she told me this is going to be really hard and that I have a lot of work ahead of me so be prepared. Which I had already assumed, but I felt good when I left. We didn't get into anything deep, so that will be next week! I really like the lady, her name is Jen. And she said she isn't afraid to dig deep! She doesn't just sit back and say mhm yes. Which is exactly what I wanted! So I am excited for next week to get started! Part of me is a little nervous about what she may uncover that I have chosen to forget. Guess we shall see! Here are the books.
via google
via google

I realize a lot of you may be saying oh my gosh she is talking about actually going to therapy!? GASP! I would never! Well that's quite alright if you would never. But I am choosing to talk about what I feel like. This blog is not yours, or about you. And I feel like a lot of women don't speak up about sexual abuse and this may be an outlet for them to push them to do so. If I can say 1 thing to inspire someone to realize something, or decide to face their issue, than that's all I ask. I feel like if this wasn't the right thing for me to do, God would not be letting me do so. I feel as though my misery is my ministry and I want to help others. And on top of that it is therapeutic for me as well. Learning about what happened, why it did, and why I have come to be this way. So key things I am learning may be what I share. 

I am not going to break down the whole hour of our talk. It may just be those light bulb moments you have that I can share with other victims who would understand it. So please do not ridicule me or think I am crazy because I am sharing this journey. It takes a lot of guts to share inner depths of my souls and admit my faults and that I was abused. There is nothing easy, or simple about this. So unless you are in the same position you have no idea what it's like to choose to share this. Keeping it inside has turned me into something horrible and sharing is going to release a lot of that. I challenge you to to be more open and share the bad parts of your lives with others, it is quite freeing and people are not as judgmental as you think. If anything, a lot more people can relate and like you more because you admit you aren't perfect. We all know everyone has hard times, so stop denying and hiding it!

Ok moving on from my rants. So then Friday night we had some friends over and played Pandemic and ended up watching food network at 11:30, bad idea. So we ended up at Denny's! This always seems to happen, I never learn my lesson! We got home at about 2, because the lady was pretty much a snail. worst service I have ever had. Took an hour and a half to finish eating and get our bill. Took probably 45 minutes till we got any food at all. Don't think we will be back there anytime soon! In my defense, I said steak and shake! They shoulda listened to me, since I am right always ya know! hah kidding.

Saturday the hubs works, so I crazily decided to get up at be at the gym at 8:30. Yes I know, on a saturday? I don't know what I was thinking either. I met up with my workout buddy Jen and we took the crazy lady spin class at 9:15. This time I had my inhaler and I could actually breathe the whole time, it was SO much better! So I felt good after and decided to stay and do RPM spinning at 11:30. But that meant I had time to kill in between. So I walked for an hour on an interval incline and didn't do anything too strenuous so my legs would hurt. Then I took the second class and my legs were on fire! Woo. Felt good when I walked out knowing I did 2 hrs of spin and another hour workout. 3 hrs total, again I don't know what is wrong with me. 

So then I decided it was time to go grocery shopping. Oops. Bad idea. I was starving, so everything looked sooo good! Needless to say we have lots of snacks now! But I also opted to try these bad boys-
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OH MY GOSH PEOPLE. These are amazing. I was just licking the filling out, no need for the cookie! I need to have Antonio hide them because I want to eat them all! You must try!!!

Since the hubs was working I just went over and hung out with my parents where I proceeded to pass out from exhaustion. So I ended up staying over because I passed out. Felt weird to be in my old room, in my old bed. My mom LOVED it! Of course.

Sunday I went back home and did some laundry and reading while the hubs did some of his own stuff. Then since it was so nice out we went for a walk at Gallop park which was PACKED. We learned we should go to the bathroom before since the only one there was at least a half mile walk from our car! Oops! We walked about a mile and a half total then headed home. I made some dinner-turkey sausage, annie's mac n cheese, and string green beans. For dessert oreos and my mom's grape salad. We are 8 yrs old at heart. Who doesn't love good ole mac n cheese and hot dogs? At least they were turkey! Then we just relaxed and watched cupcake wars for me, and the walking dead for him! 

So all in all had a good weekend! 

Your turn
do you and your significant other do things together outside of the norm? If so what?
have you ever done any crazy long workouts?
tried these oreos yet?
What's your fav old time meal from being little?

Enjoy your monday! Spinning class #1 of the week with crazy lady tonight! I am becoming addicted, I know. Oh well.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Do you remember?

So I was browsing through my Pinterest boards and decided we needed to go old school. It's time to show our age! So here we go: down memory lane and let the memories roll!
I could dump the whole packet in my mouth!
This thing was awesome! Although I am not really sure what the purpose was, I just wanted one!
OH YES! I have pictures of me in this sucker.. somewhere..
Who didn't love Gus Gus?
I so was gonna be on this show.. just never got around to it. ;)
Don't mess with my pink power ranger.
never ending bubble gum!
Enough said.
Oh 90s music how we miss you.
So innocent. So young.
Before myspace, and facebook.
Alex Mack! Loved her!
Little foot! Ah loved these movies!
When TGIF was good.
Totally had all these!
I had a million of these! One of my favorite toys!
Before Ipods

Ok I could add like 900 more things and go on forever! If you want to check out more old school memories, check out my board here.

Your turn
-any fun memories from memory lane you would like to share?
-what were some of your favorite things growing up?

Peace homie!!