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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I think the Devil is in my spin class teacher

No joke people. Last night I tried the Monday night spin class. I figured it was going to be much easier than the RPM spin class. I was wrong. I am positive this lady has some deal with the Devil. Or she hates every last one of us. I can usually tolerate most classes even if I don't like it. But this, I came close to getting up and walking out. She was crazy! I may be taking back my previous statements about starting to love spin class. 

She made us sprint the entire time. We did push ups on the handle bars as we kept spinning. She made us stand up, then sit down on our bikes 90x. Then we would have to crouch down and race but instead of holding handle bars you had to reach under the handle bar and hold the knob that tightens the handle bars. She also made us pedal with one leg a few times. There was a point she made us use so much resistance you literally could barely move. And during all this she is shouting and making you yell up/down and other things. I was so out of breath I couldn't even shout! Then to top it all off, at the end we got off our bikes and she made us do squats for about 4 minutes straight. I literally wanted to crawl out of the class. By the time I got home I was dead. I have never sweat so much my entire life at the gym, I actually smelled. I soaked in a bubble bath and thought Antonio was going to have to drag me out. 

I thought I was going to be way more sore today, so I am SO happy I am not! Now I can go torture myself some more and take Bodyflow and RPM spinning tonight. Hooray! I just keep thinking about the results and how I will not get them without the hard work! Here's some inspiration/motivation for the gym!!
oh oops that's my inspiration! ;)

Here's the real ones-
via pinterest

So get out there and as much as we may hate the gym, or feel tortured by Devil teachers, know the end result will be awesome! And as much as I despised this woman the whole hour, I know she was pushing me to my limits, something I probably would not do alone!

One last thing for this sunny Tuesday. Thank you all for your kind comments and emails. It means a lot to me and I am so glad I have you guys by my side during this! Love you all!

Your turn-
Have you ever had a class you hated, but liked? 
Ever had a teacher you thought was the Devil at the gym?
How is your workouts going? Have you pushed yourself lately?


Stephanie said...

I haven't worked out very much lately. I used to walk or run three miles a day with our daughter in her stroller. Now that Avery outgrown her stroller it's MUCH harder to put in those miles. It's kind of frustrating. I am looking for a good yoga class that doesn't mind students who are terrible at yoga. I love it, but I'm not very good at it. : )

Evelien said...

Haven't done a workout in two weeks :( Now I feel bad haha!
Good thing that you didn't walk out of the class!! I surely would have!

Suz and Allan said...

Oh my, that sounds brutal! I need to break down and go to a spin class or at least do a fitness on request spin class at the gym before my free year runs out!

Megan said...

Oh that class sounds like my kind of class! No pain no gain :)

Megan said...

Well if I actually went to the gym, I might hate it. Haha.

Danielle and Trev said...

I HAVE to try a spin class!! I run every day but I want to change it up! I'm officially inspired :) Love your blog! Newest reader :)

Liesl said...

Go you on the work out front...sounds like quite the class! I have a couple friends who fell the way you do about a love/hate relationship with it! :) Thank you so much for stopping by my blog...yours is lovely! I hope you have a Wonderful Wednesday!