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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I have a confession

Ok guys, please don't laugh at me. This is highly embarrassing for me to admit! But if you know me, I am not very well endowed in the upper female region. I was hoping as I got into my 20s that maybe one day poof I would get boobs. Well poof, it didn't happen much to my dismay. It's like that growing gene went everywhere but there. Maybe after my height, butt, hair, and nails it just ran out of juice. Either way, they are not getting any bigger unless there is a baby in there, and we all know that is not happening any time soon!

So I have always been super self conscience about this area and got made fun of immensely in middle school for not getting a bra till 7th grade in gym glass. Man middle schoolers are brutal. So as I got older, I never needed a sports bra because I would be flat as a pancake with one of those on, and the padded ones weren't really around back then. I tried one once and I looked like a 12 year old. So I don't know if I got traumatized or established a phobia over sports bra's, but this led me to never buy one.

Now as I am working out a lot more and my bra's are drenched after the gym, I figured maybe it's time I step into the big girl world and buy a sports bra. So here it is ladies. I am 24, and I just bought my first sports bra ever yesterday. Mind you it's padded of course! I don't know why I was so terrified to do it. Probably because I assumed I would put it on and look like a 12 year old and everyone in the gym would laugh at me. (All in my silly head, I know.) But alas that didn't happen. And Jen was there to support me and re-establish I did not look like a 12 year old.

It still looked funny to me, but it was nice not pulling straps up and not being so sweaty. I decided to wear it all day today to get used to it, still feels weird. It feels like its squeezing my ribs, but hopefully if I stretch it out more, that will subside. I also got a memory foam seat for the spin bike since I am trying to do the class 4-5x a week. It was nice, we will have to see at the end of the week how I like it. And I found a shirt on sale for $10 that is made out of that breathable work out material. So I was dripping sweat everywhere, but my shirt showed no signs of being sweaty! LOVE IT!

I also convinced my dad to come to spin with Jen and I. I was surprised he said yes. At the end while we were stretching I asked how he liked it and his answer "I can't move." Sounds about right! haha! Before class started I had introduced my Dad to the teacher.  It was cute at the end of class, since he was the only new person there the crazy teacher (her name is Lizzie by the way) goes good job to our first timer! You made it through! Way to go Dad! And everyone goes way to go Dad! So I think that may convince him to come back! We will see!

I also picked up a new nail polish. Gotta look pretty for flip flops, and toes need to look cute for yoga! I kid! Kind of. It is Sally Hansen Diamond Strength collection. Called Pink Promise.
Sally Hansen.Diamond Strength.Pink Promise #250.$4 at Kroger.

I only have to work about 2.5 hours today! Darn, I know. Rough day! Then off to the gym of course. Bodyflow with my momma, then RPM Spin with Jen after!! That new fashion show with Jessica Simpson and Nicole Richie starts tonight. It looks interesting, think I might give it a try! We will review it tmr! Have a great Tuesday all!!

Your turn
-any embarrassing confessions to make?
-what are your thoughts on sports bras?
-any spring/summer nail polishes you love?
-have you ever taken a work out class with your parents?


Suz and Allan said...

That's awesome that your Dad went to spin class with you. How fun!

Anything pink always makes me feel like spring and summer are here!

Megan said...

Confession: I have no boobs and no sports bra. But I don't really work out so I guess I'm okay? Hahaha!

Evelien said...

I have boobs and a sports bra haha! I only just bought it a couple of months ago but it is a great help when working out! But I do have to say I don't work out as often as I should... Booh for me!

Autumn Ingram said...

I was also under the impression that, by the time I was 20, I would also have boobs. That's a big negative. 22 and still nothin. My momma didn't give me her gene. Boo that!