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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Do you remember?

So I was browsing through my Pinterest boards and decided we needed to go old school. It's time to show our age! So here we go: down memory lane and let the memories roll!
I could dump the whole packet in my mouth!
This thing was awesome! Although I am not really sure what the purpose was, I just wanted one!
OH YES! I have pictures of me in this sucker.. somewhere..
Who didn't love Gus Gus?
I so was gonna be on this show.. just never got around to it. ;)
Don't mess with my pink power ranger.
never ending bubble gum!
Enough said.
Oh 90s music how we miss you.
So innocent. So young.
Before myspace, and facebook.
Alex Mack! Loved her!
Little foot! Ah loved these movies!
When TGIF was good.
Totally had all these!
I had a million of these! One of my favorite toys!
Before Ipods

Ok I could add like 900 more things and go on forever! If you want to check out more old school memories, check out my board here.

Your turn
-any fun memories from memory lane you would like to share?
-what were some of your favorite things growing up?

Peace homie!!


Megan said...

Ahhh, this made me laugh! I was obsessed with everything Lisa Frank!!

Suz and Allan said...

Oh wow, I was in love with all of these things when I was younger!