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Monday, March 19, 2012

Tornadoes, Cupcakes, & 6 Monthaversary, Oh My!

So Thursday at the end of work, we had some storms roll in. I was peacefully reading my book while Layla was napping when my mom called to tell me there had been a tornado about 25 min north of where I was. It wasn't even raining here yet. I turned on the news and they had the tornado watch on. I called Antonio to tell him what was going on since he was off and at home. Then all of a sudden the loudest crack of lightning/thunder I have ever heard in my life hit right above the house. Antonio could see it out our window (I live about 7-9 minutes from work) and said it looked like an explosion above us. He heard it through the phone, then heard it about 6 seconds later. It sounded like someone shot a gun off in my ear, I have never heard something so loud from nature. It freaked me out and of course woke Layla up and freaked her out. About 5 min later, her mom got home and told me to leave now before the storm hits.

So I made it home and about 15 minutes later there were reports of funnel clouds about 10 minutes away from us with possibility to touch down. Then this came on the screen-
Always what you want to see!

So the rain started really picking up with the window and we were just about to go to stand in the tub, this is the only safe place in our apartment with no windows. When I looked out the window and it started hailing. Which freaked me out quite a bit. Hail is a huge sign for a tornado coming. 
Snow? No! Hail.
They came up to the door, I didn't go stand outside collecting them!

So after it started hailing we proceeded to stand in the tub as the sirens went off outside, praying no tornado's touch down!
this was his "terrified" face. He looks scared doesn't he? not.

So luckily the storm got to us then turned south. No tornado's here, but still shocked to have a tornado in MI during March. It hit Dexter. There was quite a bit of damage done and they will be cleaning up for awhile. Thankful no one was killed though!

Friday night we had date night and of course the topic was sex. Talk about awkward having to talk about that with your parents in the room. I knew this was going to happen sooner or later, but it wasn't too bad, thankfully. We went out to dinner with Buddy Shuh and his wife after at Sidetracks. Pretty tasty!

Saturday I did my normal crazy schedule at the gym and arrived at 8 am for 8:15 bodyflow. Then Spinning after, took a break got a protein shake and sat outside till RPM spinning. I was worn out later on needless to say. Then I had an afternoon date with my Meggers. We went and saw Wanderlust. It was alright. I thought it was going to be a lot funnier, but it had a unique sense of humor to it. I would recommend just waiting for dvd. We then had to go get cupcakes of course!
Doing what we do best, take pics and eat cupcakes!
Nom nom nom

After I had to run home to change and get ready to go celebrate our 6 monthaversary of marriage! Antonio's mom had gotten us a gift card for a restaurant called Andiamo's and 2 movie passes. So we opted to see 21 Jump Street after. That was much better than Wanderlust! It was pretty hilarious, a bit of language though to warn you. So here are some pics from our Andiamos adventure.
our free appetizer for it being our first time there
the fireplace that would be turned on normally this time of year!
Basically a kit kat covered in chocolate mousse and chocolate ganache, then lit on fire.

And on Sunday my throat was hurting and I was super tired. So I pretty much sat in bed, napped, and watched TV. Throats still hurting today but I am trying to fight through and not let it keep me down. Hope you had a good weekend!

Your turn-
-Have you seen either movie? Comments.
-Have you ever been near a Tornado/seen one?
-How was your weekend?

1 comment:

Liesl said...

Happy, Happy 6 months to you! Yay! Glad you had a relaxing Sunday deserved it and I hope you feel better soon...I hate a sore throat! Tornados are never fun...I've only been through the hurricane thing while in college in NC, but not a tornado...glad all is ok!