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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tan lines in March? Get outta here!

Yes, it's true. Yesterday while taking Layla to the park, I got tan lines! This is crazyness for march!! But I love it! Sadly, I think our warm streak is going to actually go back to spring weather. The weather this weekend is going back into the 60s. Boo. I knew we were going to get spoiled and then it would go back to normal spring weather. Which is still better than snow and 30s.  It's better to be thankful for this jolt of summer, getting us out of winter mind funk than nothing! It just gets me more excited for our honeymoon cruise in a few months. Speaking of that, I found some suits online for sale through victoria's secret and jumped on that!
Victoria's Secret: Top- $24 Bottoms- $18

It is much cuter in person and has a lot of rhinestones! If you go to the site- Swimsuit #1, you can zoom in to see it better. I liked it besides the sale, because when you are tan those colors accent awesome! And it's tropically with all the little palm trees on it, and of course rhinestones=happy Lyndsey! Maybe I should take a picture like her when I get to the beach? Ya I don't think so!

Second suit from same place
Victoria's Secret: Top- $20 Bottom- $19

Well I love this suit because 1. white and pink are 2 of my fav colors 2. It's sparkly! 3. It comes in 2 other colors, blue & teal as well. Get it here-Swimsuit #2. It is really cute in person as well!

The website has a LOT of good stuff on sale! I wanted to buy a ton of suits, but only 2 was alotted by the hubs on sale. I also have a blue one I purchased from Target a few weeks ago. It's this incase you forgot-

It has little beads in the flowers. You can purchase here-Swimsuit #3. I still have to try on my suits from VS, but they are the same style I go for, so I think they will fit fine. I find for my body style, aka no boobs, triangle tops work best to help make it look like I have something. They have to be ties, none of the bra top styles. Bandeau tops are a joke on me, they don't stay up! And for bottoms I always have to have a large because mediums do not cover everything! And the string tie sides work best because it doesn't squish and shove all the fat everywhere! I can tie it as tight or loose as I want so it doesn't squish anything. 

There are a lot of suits I would love and wish to wear, but I am learning with my body type to accept what I can and can not wear. And that even if it's minimal padding, to accept this is my size and it's natural. Contrary to belief, men are drawn to a natural woman over implants. No dis to any who have them, if I could afford them, I probably would have them too. But alas I can not and I need to be happy with what I have. My husband is happy with them and he should be the only one who matters. Body image is always a tough struggle, but God made us to be a certain way and if he can love me like this, then I need to learn to love me too. No matter how big or small I am! At least I don't have problems not fitting in to tops because they are too large! I am thankful for that!

Enjoy your tuesday!

Your turn-
-anyone else getting tan lines in march this year?
-any cute swimsuit steals you have found for others to find?
-do you have a certain suit that fits your shape best?
-how do you feel about your boobs? honest.

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