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Friday, March 2, 2012

Sometimes you just wanna scream

Sometimes you just wanna scream.
Sometimes you just want to cry.
Sometimes you just want to punch or throw something.
Sometimes you just wanna give up and say unkle.
Sometimes you feel so completely worthless and helpless.

And when this happens, sometimes you just need to get on your knees.

Then you realize you always need to scream to God that you need help.
You always need to cry to him that you so badly need to feel His love and be overflowing.
You always need to punch the Devil and tell him you don't belong to him.
You always need to throw your life fully into God's hands and trust what's happening is happening for a reason.
You always need to know even if you give up on God, he will NEVER give up on you and will never abandon his amazing plans he has for you.
You always need to know God loves you.
You need to realize He created you with such thought, such love, and is proud to call you His.
You need to realize He is your father, and you are related to the most amazing, magnificent, glorious, loving, caring Savior who is the only thing that really matters, period.
You need to realize he created you in His OWN image, and all those things He is, He has instilled in you.
You need to realize you matter to Him more than anything.
You need to realize He sent his son to die in a cruel torturous death so He could take away the hard part.
You need to realize He carries your burdens and has given you things easy.
You need to realize no matter if you are feeling helpless or that you don't need Him, He is still holding you in his hands.
You need to realize He wants your love.

You need to realize God loves you in every good moment, bad moment, painful moment, joyous moment, and peaceful moment.
You need to realize God loves you every single second of every single day, and has since you have been thought of.
You need to realize God loves you.

Just watch, I guarantee you won't regret it.

Do you know how much God loves you?


Kylee Noelle {the blog} said...

Amen sister! Amen!

Suz and Allan said...

Amen! This reminds me of the Jaci Valesquez song "I Get On My Knees"

Megan said...

Love this so much!! It's so true and something that we all need to hear. We don't just need God during bad times; we need Him ALL the time!!