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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Fashion & Food

So I was going to blog yesterday but life had other plans. I worked 12.5 hrs beginning at 6:30 am, and sometimes your brain just isn't awake that early to blog. I was also dealing with my allergicness to the world and my allergies were beating me to a pulp. And to top it off, Layla decided the only nap she needed was the 15 min nap in the stroller. SO needless to say I had a long day and when I got home, I ate some dinner, took a nice bath, and popped 2 benedryl and peaced out! Sometimes that's just how life goes!

Anyways, so I found some great steals at TJ Maxx Tuesday night! I have always wanted a pair of wedges but since I am almost 5''7' 1/2, I would become a super giant in wedges. So I gave up looking at them years ago. BUT I found short wedges! Anddd they were hot pink with a bow.. it was like they were made for me! I will be wearing these out!
TJ Maxx- $30

I also found a cute blue sundress as well!
TJ Maxx- $17

Next I give you a quick easy crockpot recipe I found on Pinterest! There are only 3 ingredients and super easy to make!

Crockpot Buffalo Chicken
3 lb chicken-either frozen or fresh
1 packet ranch
1 bottle Franks Red Hot Buffalo Style

To make- put your chicken into crockpot. Add 3/4 or entire ranch packet (I love ranch so I add it all!) If you like heat add entire bottle of Franks, if you don't add 3/4 and then you can always add more later to add extra heat. It was just perfect for me! Antonio added more on his after! But he could eat fire, so not surprised. 
Cook low 6-7 or high 3-4
After it's cooked, take a fork and shred the chicken. If it doesn't shred easily, then it is not cooked enough.

You can eat this multiple ways. We put them on a whole wheat hamburger bun, and added cheddar cheese on top! If I had ranch I probably would have put more on! I also made it into a dip yesterday and re-heated it and added some shredded cheddar cheese on top, then used tortilla chips to dip it in. You could also turn it into buffalo style nachos. So really you could be creative and do lots of things with this! It heats up well as leftovers too! The recipe I found used butter after it was cooked but I decided not to. So if you want to add butter it's 2 TBSP. We had au gratin potatoes and cantaloupe with it! 

I showed this a LONG time ago but this tool is so awesome for cutting cantaloupe and watermelon. We got it at Macy's for our wedding registry. 


This thing is awesome!! It cuts through the thick rind so easily and the edge scoops the seeds out! Tomorrow I have a Tortilla soup recipe adjusted to my liking for you! Just remember if you cook, you don't always have to follow the recipe exactly, don't be afraid to add things, omit things, or be creative! That's the fun in cooking!

Your turn-
Any stores you like that has good deals like TJ Maxx?
Ever seen the canteloupe slicer before?
Any good buffalo style anything recipes to share?

Happy Thursday all, it's almost Friday!!

p.s. proof of my tan lines.. well red lines!
Who knew you would need suntan lotion in March?!


Stephanie said...

I tend to find a lot of great deals at Target. I actually find a lot of sale shoes for less than $10! You found some great stuff!

I hope you have a great day! Enjoy that sunshine...we woke up to snow again!

Suz and Allan said...

Not sure what I love more: the dress or the shoes! Both are super cute!

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

too funny about the sun tan line haha :) loving this post, you managed ot make me hungry and want to go shopping all at once! thanks alot!