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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Addictions and other things!

I guess most of my blogs will end up being posted in the morning about the day before since I get to work so early most days! First thing I need to talk about, this great find I randomly got from Macy's. It was on clearance and we had gift cards so I thought eh it's a few bucks why not. It's a melon/cantaloupe slicer. It is uhmazing! It is a thicker knife so it ends up slicing off those green parts in one swoop! It has a rounded edge that scoops out the insides/seeds super easy! I would highly recommend it if you like to cut up fresh melons/cantaloupe!

ok second thing to talk about today, addictions! More so online addictions! We can chalk blogging up to one of them! Have you ever been on Pinterest? If not you must! It is sort of a picture blog, no words or talking. You pin pictures to different boards you have, for example: you find a yummy food recipe so you pin it to your board that is all food recipes you like/would like to try. Another example: books you recommend, places you would like to go, etc. It is super easy, fun, and addicting! There is a button on my sidebar to go to my pinterest if you are interested and would like to start one or to follow! The recipes on there are to die for!!! My first project from there was a fall/halloween inspired decoration that was simple! I already had this glass and candle, and all I had to do was purchase candy corn and voila!

My candle is now Fall/Halloween inspired!
My second project I found were cake batter bars! UHM can you say scrumdidlyumptious? These are awesome! They lasted 2 days in our apartment! We had people over Saturday and they were gone!
saw this and I had to have it ASAP
All ready to bake!
Even the batter was good!
Finished product!

My next project: Caramel Apple Cider Cookies! These are perfect for fall and look mouth watering delicious! I am going to make them on Friday! Will let you know how they turn out! Pictures of course :)

Onto other things! I ordered my Garmin Forerunner 305. I tried to get a super cheap used one off e-bay, but they start off around $50 and you think oh AWESOME! But then they still have 2-4 days left on auction and as the days go on, the price goes up. I thought I would be smart and wait some out over those few days instead of buying a used one between 90-100 that didn't have an auction.. not such a good idea. The price just ends up going up over those few days and they end up costing over 100! So not only did I waste time, I would have wasted money on it and had to pay shipping! The one I got was $94 and free shipping! So I am excitedly awaiting that!
Soon this baby will be mine!

And another thing, back to this marriage stuff! I went over to my parents house yesterday after work. Spent most of the day there, took a nap in my old bed, watched some TV with my mom. OH I have to introduce you to Dyson! He is my parents new puppy.

First day home
Most recent picture, he is now 6lbs, 4 months old! He likes to bark at the ducks out of our apartment patio door!
Anyways, so I spent time cuddling with Dyson as well and we went for a nice walk! My whole goal was to go pack more stuff up, which I didn't to until 9:30 pm. I kept pushing it off. I was just sitting there and I had this sudden urge of I don't want to leave, I just want to stay here and almost lost it. Have you ever had that feeling? It's weird to say oh my parent's house and not home anymore. I didn't realize how much I missed them already even though they are 15 min away! Is this a normal feeling? Every time I go into my room it gets more and more empty and it makes me sad. Is there such thing as post pardom leaving your parents? I am not saying I am not happy being married, I am just having a hard time letting go of that old life I lived for 24 years! My mom is one of my best friends, and I guess texts and e-mails just don't it as much justice as seeing her every day. Especially after planning a wedding and becoming closer because of that. We talked 50x a day about things. And now it's a few times a day. Guess this a part of growing up!

Well I get off around noon today! woo, I am thinking a nap is in order! Get to spend some of the day with the hubs, he is off on Wednesdays, but works Saturdays so it sucks. We only get to spend Sunday together. He is supposed to be making dinner on his day off, so this is his first night cooking! Hmm.. I will let you know how it goes! 

P.S, If you are a Bruno Mars fan, here is his new song!

1. Do you have any awesome cooking untensil/tool finds we must know about?
2. Are you addicted to any other online sites?
3. Did you have these feelings after moving out or getting married?


sherri lynn said...

Those cake batter bars look so good! I hope you enjoy your new journey as a wife, a blogger, and a runner :)

Lyndsey said...

thank you! Any advice for me on being a newlywed?!

Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

That little melon cutter is so cool! I have never seen anything like that! Your puppy is also adorable

Lyndsey said...

I had never seen one either, so when I saw it at the store I was like hmm it's a few bucks, it's worth a shot! And it is totally worth the money! We like to get fresh melons and stuff to cut up at the beginning of the week for lunches and stuff. It is my parents puppy, but yes he is adorable! I try to steal him on the weekends for a day!

Amanda said...

I will need to try these recipes!! And your parents' puppy so so cute!!! I am old school when it come to cooking utensils...however I dont know what i would do without my Kitchenaid mixer!

Lyndsey said...

I do not have a kitchenaid mixer yet :( :( I was hoping I would have gotten one off my registry but we didn't! Some day.. for now it's my hand or my $5 hand mixer at target! Here is the link for the apple cider cookies:

and here is the link for the cake batter bars:

can't wait to see how the cookies turn out!!

Antonio said...

You must have a pretty awesome husband.

Kristin Miller said...

I see you already posted the recipes in the comments, SWEET! Moving out of my old apartment to my husband's wasn't as emotional as going home to get married (I moved from one NYC apartment to the other...when I went back to CT to get married, it hit me that I would never sleep in my parent's house the same!) It technically wasn't home anymore! Well, it's still home in my cell phone and I can still walk around the house in the pitch black dead of night and know my way around. It will always be my first home :-D

The Bookness said...

The cookie and the food part got me want sweets. =)
Your newest follower hun, and maybe youll visit me someday.

Lyndsey said...

Antonio-work on your blog!

Kristin- That's how I feel, if I ever go back to stay the night it's as a married woman and they have already been taking over my room with stuff! I asked her not to paint it for awhile. lol My brother's room became the craft room so who knows what will become of mine! That's why I took a nap, so I could at least sleep in my old bed!

the bookness- there will probably be lots of sweets from my page! :)

ERICA said...