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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Wonderful Wednesday!

Let me just pre warn you, if you see a Mexican guy commenting on all of my stuff.. do not be alarmed, it's just my husband! He has all of a sudden reappeared in the blog world.. hmm wonder why?! ;) He loves the fact that I am blogging and I think he is now wanting to get back into it since I am doing it! So just don't mind his silly nonsense!

Ok, moving on to Wednesday. I wasn't expecting to get off early, so that was nice. Worked 6:15 am till 12:15. Antonio doesn't work Wednesday's so I expected to get home and he would be out running errands as he had planned. Instead I find him still asleep, and I ask him why he is still sleeping and he replies with a stuffy nose and funny voice "I'm sick.'' Oops.. that's the 4th person I have gotten sick? Yikes. Guess I am turning into typhoid Mary over here except I got sick too, so what does that make me? Of course I am still getting over my sickness and a nap didn't sound all too bad. We finally got up around 3 and finally left for the store around 4.

We went to get supplies for my cookies tomorrow and of course that isn't all we ended up getting. It was his night to cook and he randomly decided he wanted to use our Quesidilla maker we got from our wedding. Which we had 0 supplies for. And then we decided to get our friends baby shower gift and a few other things. Our 5 item list, 15 min time limit turned into like a 20 item list and over an hour in the store. Usually how most shopping days go! We paid for our stuff and walked out and got almost all the way to the car and realized we forgot to get half the stuff we came for. So we had to turn around and go back in, never embarrassing to say hey Walmart greeter lady, hi again! Oh well!
All the baby stuff we got. I doubt our friend reads my blog lol

I have not mentioned my job yet. I am a nanny for a 1 yr old little girl named Layla. And as I was in the kids section I found this cute little shirt and had to get it for her!
It glows in the dark! I WANT ONE!

So then we get home and I told Antonio I wanted to take a picture of dinner stuff for the blog. I proceed to start arranging things and just was going to take a simple picture of everything to which he replied "If you are gonna do it, do it right." And he went into blogging husband mode. He got out all the cute bowls and tortilla warmer and what not to make the picture look nice. He even made our dinner plates cute! I just sat back and laughed. I was like who is this guy all of a sudden? Think he wanted to impress all you ladies! ;) I must say he did a pretty good job on our Mexican night! Guess I will keep him after all! Well there is next week... guess we will see after next wednesday!
Nifty Quesidilla Maker
Hubby's picture arranging skills!
Finished product! yumm

While he was cooking I decided to be productive (after blogging for a bit of course) and did some laundry and cleaned up a bit and vacuumed. Is it just me or does anyone else love when there's fresh vacuum lines on the floor? I just look at them and know my floor is clean!! I might just be weird, but it makes me happy, and I hate vacuuming! I also like going to bed with a clean kitchen and waking up to a clean kitchen and home. Makes my day better knowing I don't have to come home and pick up a mess. Although he leaves after me and by the time I get home it looks a bit different then how I left it! After dinner we rented a movie called The Lincoln Lawyer. It was really good! Better then I expected! If you like movies where you have to figure things out, this is a good one!
Highly recommend! via google

Antonio read my blog and was upset I didn't mention him in my paragraph about marriage stuff. So guess I will talk about him today, even though I already have been! So far he has been pretty good with keeping up in cleaning and helping out around the house. I have been quite impressed. I am glad he is taking initiative and pride in his own space and wanting  it to look nice. I am glad he is happy with the apartment I found and enjoys living there and with me! It's cute when he goes on about how he is proud of our stuff and of me, and how he wants to take care of things and have other people come over and see our place. I am also glad he is willing to cook and wants to. Hard to find a guy to do that! We are both still learning how to fix things and be handy dandy DIYers. Sad to say HGTV is one of my new favorite channels. I have a feeling once we have a house we will end up doing LOTS of projects! We re-did my parents old dining room table and chairs. We refinished them and painted them black. We also re-did their living room table set, same thing. It was a lot of work and halfway through sanding I would be yelling at myself as to why I agreed to this crap, but eventually when it was painted and looked good, then I was fine with all the work. There is something about taking pride in doing something yourself then just buying it! Oh here is another fall decoration I got inspired to do while at Michael's.
a pumpkin shaped holder with a pumpkin candle inside and little colored acorn gems to place around it
super cute! I got 3 of them for the TV table!

One thing I was thinking about after reading all these blogs yesterday, is I feel kind of not comparable. Some people's pages are outstanding and they have hundreds of followers and their blogs are awesome. I feel like mine is a limp noodle compared to theirs. I am not amazing at photography, fashion, writing, running, cooking, or other things. I don't have any awesome skills or talents. So I feel kind of small in the blog world. I don't have too much to offer besides my thoughts and opinions and my small span of cooking thus far. So thank you to any who read this, it truly means a lot to me. I try to keep it interesting and entertaining but in the end sometimes this is just a place for me to vent and let my thoughts run free. I am not here to sell anything or have you plaster me all over your page. Just here to find more fun, interesting, and cool friends to reach out to!

Today is my Friday and I have 3 day weekends! Woo, so have a wonderful Thursday and I hope something surprisingly good happens to you today!

1. Did anything surprisingly good happen to you? If so, what?
2. Any projects lately you have done?
3. Seen any good movies lately?


Antonio said...

Mexican guy here.

Way to make me sound like a stray puppy you took in! True I haven't been the neatest of folks, I won't lie. But its different to me when I come home and think to myself "This is OUR home." I lived so long looking after myself that I guess I just accepted a standard of living that some might consider acceptable for a bachelor. Truth is I like coming home to an environment of order. I realized your place of habitation is a reflection of your life. Living by principles as simple as keeping everything where they belong produces a strange sense of security.

Ashley @ LaLuce said...

LOL!!!!! the warning about the mexican guy and then his comment are hilarious!!!!!!!! LOVE IT.

Lyndsey said...

hahahahaha! I guess I know him pretty well! I think we are a pretty good pair! :) Now he just needs to start working on his blog again!

Kylee said...

k that ghost outfit is SO cute. adorable!
And the quesadilla maker looks awesome. I've never seen one before. :)

Lyndsey said...

It actually worked quite well! Didn't burn or anything, we also have a brownie maker that is like that so I am curious to see how that will work!

Amanda said...

awe i love buying baby clothes!!! and that quesadilla maker looks awesome! why do i not have these awesome kitchen utensils/gadgets!

Lyndsey said...

I don't know! Why don't you?!! I guess that was the fun of registering for gifts, you find lots of interesting things!!

Anonymous said...

hi! i saw your comment on my blog about blog sugar, but i was unable to reply to you by email. thought i would just come visit your blog :) cute cute!! you can check out more about blog sugar at! it was a christian blog conference in california and was such a blast!! have a wonderful friday!!

Dilan Dilir said...

yum :D

Jo said...

Hi, thought I'd come visit since you paid me a visit. Nobody's taking you up on your questions, but I will. I love answering questions. :)

The good thing of today is that my mom is being transferred to a rehab facility and not home after a serious surgery this week. Earlier today we were sure they were goin to send her home alone. Which was not good. Ok, serious time is over!

My current project is setting up a home office, which takes a long time because I have a lot of stuff left over from my Masters.

I saw Inception, and I loved it!