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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

With new beginnings.. become even more new beginnings!

Hello to any who read this! After much debate, I have decided to start doing a blog. There isn't one significant reason behind it, but perhaps many small ones. My friend Megan, has a running blog @, and I love reading her blogs when she posts them. Even though I talk to her every day, I like seeing her style of writing and she is a goof so reading about her daily interactions with life crack me up sometimes! I have tried writing a blog before but felt that I had nothing to really offer to the world with my boring life, or I just had no idea what I was supposed to say in one of these. Which I still kind of am unsure about. I feel as though now being a new wife, and starting so many new journeys this year that I have much to share, as well as I would like to get advice from the blog community, perhaps from other new wives out there! Every day may be different but this is a new challenge for me and I would like to be able to share my thoughts and life with others. Some days I may be more into susie homemaker mode and be sharing recipes and/or ideas and talking about marriage. Other days may be more on work or events going on in my life. Who knows.. guess if you stick around you will find out! I do like Megan's idea of posting questions or thoughts at the end for others to answer/ponder about. I think it's a great way to get others to interact, so I am stealing that Meggers. ;)

Where to begin, first off I just got married a little over a week ago! (9/18/11) We have made it a week without killing each other! Yay! Good start right? 

My adorable husband serenading me with a Michael Buble song at our reception! 

What a lovely surprise! He sang as my brother played the guitar. They make a great team for music, but put them together and they are trouble! The wedding was amazing! I couldn't have asked for better weather about 74 degrees with blue skies and partly cloudy! Everything went off flawlessly and I kept waiting for something bad to happen, but thankfully it never did! The day was full of fun and we tried to make our wedding as unique to us as possible. We wanted everyone to come and have a wonderful time, and remember our wedding as one of the best they had ever been to! I don't know if we succeeded for everyone, but I can sure say we will remember it! I mean of course we will but I felt as though we did a pretty great job! I was so excited to be able to get married beneath a chandelier. It has been a dream of mine for awhile and I knew I had to have that one day when I got married, and thanks to my parents, they made it happen!
Married Yay!

We had the most amazing friends and family there and were so blessed by everyone's presence. It was the best day of my life.. so far! Our reception was gorgeous and so much fun! There were a few surprises and plenty of dancing and laughter! Oh and yummy cake from Zingerman's! If you don't know what that is, it's a local bakehouse type place in Ann Arbor that is spectacular and have out of this world stuff! If you have never been, you must go! I was however upset I didn't get a piece of cake! Every time I went back to my table to get it, I got intercepted! If you are married you know how that goes! That table was so close but SO very far away! I had to go to the bar just to get water! I am sad that the day is over, it is on my mind every day and I wish I could go back and do it over again about 100 times. It was way too short and I can see why other people in other countries have 3 day long celebrations! It is just so much fun!! But then again, the planning that went into one day was insane let alone planning 3.. so maybe I am good on 1 day!

Ok, moving on from wedding talk. I am going to talk about 3 different topics today, sorry it may be a longer post! Topic #2 is running. I am not going to make my blog all about running because let's face it, I am not an avid runner.. yet. And I don't want to just talk running all the time! haha, but it is a new goal of mine to become a better runner this year. I have done 2 5ks so far and I have a halloween 5k, which I am not too focused on time for that, because I think it is going to be more fun to watch everyone then to actually run! I am wanting to do a 6k in November in Hines park at night with lots of lights strung up so it's a pretty run. But my ultimate goal is the 10k for Thanksgiving at the Turkey Trot. I am about 10 weeks away and I have not had much time to train during wedding time, so I was planning on starting this past week after the wedding, but became very sick. I am still trying to shake it and it's moved into my chest, so that is not going to = running till it's gone. I am delaying buying a forerunner, because well I don't know why.. spending money perhaps? Guess I should get on that! This is my major goal this year to do a 10k as I started running more avidly last year. It is a sad day when running a 5k seemed too easy.. I hated to admit it but life is about pushing yourself to become better and challenging yourself, so 10k.. why not? Megan wants me to do a half marathon, but uhm not anytime soon! Maybe one day! So at this point I am not running yet till I am better, which will  hopefully be the weekend! But I need to order my watch which I probably will today!

And last subject, I want to talk about my journey on this earth. I am a Christian and I am not here to offend anyone with my beliefs, just being myself with my opinions. I was raised Christian and have been on some ups and downs with my spiritual journey. Recently my husband and I started attending this new church called Northridge. It is amazing. You know that feeling when everywhere in your body tingles and you feel like you could fly and sit next to God in Heaven and you feel pure Joy of just being at church and singing to Him? Ya that amazing feeling I get every time I am there and it keeps me going back and wanting to be closer to Him. I have seen amazing things happen in my life since we started going there and my life has turned around immensely. I am still trying to figure out my entire purpose here on earth, but I know 1 is to serve Him. And when He is calling you to do something, you better do it! We recently decided to become leaders at their teen community called Velocity. Now I love kids, like little kids to pieces. But over 12, they are a challenge for me! They aren't quite so cute and innocent anymore and don't like to listen! I felt like God has been calling me to work with teens for quite some time. I even almost went into child psychology. But I just didn't know how to fulfill that calling. Until we came to Northridge. I knew as soon as I saw an opportunity to be involved with the teens there, that this was how I was going to fulfill that calling. I knew it was going to be a huge challenge for me and it wouldn't be easy. It was going to make me uncomfortable and push me in new ways I had never been pushed before. It was going to make me grow. I want to be able to help young teens/adults and try to help them not make the same mistakes I did. If I can touch 1 persons life, then that's all I ask. I don't have a set goal to change 100 kids lives or anything. I just want to make a difference and make an impact on these kids and push them to grow as well. So far we LOVE it! Some days are easier then others, but I am learning so much from these kids and so happy to be a part of it! It is amazing to see them worship and to see how much God is in their lives. It is such an inspiration to me!

Ok so sorry this was so long but it was day 1 and I guess I had more on my mind to say then I realized! I have lots more things to talk about but I will save those for another day! Have a wonderful Tuesday!

So here are my questions for you! I would love to have feedback from anyone!
1. If you are married, was there anything in your wedding you got that you had always dreamed of?
2. Are you into any sport/hobby that you are avid with and have you set any new goals for yourself in them?
3. What have you done lately to challenge or push yourself in any way?


Meg O @watchmegorun said...

Yay my day is made! I'll link ur blog in my post tonight.

1. Not married yet
2 running, duh :)
3. Umm training for a half marathon! Never thought I'd see the day a few years ago

Betty said...

Congratulations! May you and your hubby have many happy years together. :)As for your questions:
1. We came out of the church to find a beautiful snow falling.
2. Biking
3. Trying to eat right and get healthier! (see #2)

Lyndsey said...

I don't think those caramel apple cider cookies are good for your #3 betty! lol