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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Blog Envy

I hate to say that I still struggle with Blog Envy. It is hard to go to other people's pages and see them all fancy and done up and have all these followers and giveaways, comments, pictures, etc. I think I may be having dailymile envy too! But alas I saw this quote and reminded myself to snap myself out of it!
via Pinterest

And I must remind myself why I created my blog in the first place. It wasn't to get "popular" and to waste endless amounts of time on a blog per day as if it were my hobby. It was a place where I could go to express my thoughts, even though sometimes my husband makes fun of them, ok not sometimes like all times. It was a place where I could have a chance to minister unto others and maybe reach those I don't know or see often. It was a place to share my experience in becoming a new wife and what entailed with this new life and future. To log my adventures in life! So as much as I would love to have all these adoring fans, I must remember why I started this blog and be faithful to that. Not be faithful to the hub bub of the Blog world. But to remember to just be me and do what I wanted to do, not blend in.
via Pinterest

In other news, ran 3 miles yesterday! Woo been awhile since I have done that. I won't lie, it wasn't collectively. I did 2, then walked for 5 minutes then ran the second one. It will be nice when I can get back to where I at least used to be with running. Miss when I could run for an hour. I did run 5 or 6 miles once I believe. A few years ago, but I did it! So I know it is in there, and I know I can get to a 10k with hard work! I am thinking about the Martian Run in May before our honeymoon. I was debating about Big House, Big Heart 10k because they moved it up. But Megan said the Martian Run you get a medal for 10k.. and well.. I WANT a medal! I mean who doesn't? It would be so nice to have a medal for my first 10k! I am so proud to have a bff like Megan by my side as she gives me such great inspiration to be a better runner! I am excited to watch her train for a full marathon this year! She's got this! To read more about her journey click here.

My knee isn't much better, but I could run on it. It bugged me at some points of the run but I kept pushing through and really tried to stretch it. I think I just inflamed it doing leg stuff a few weeks ago, and I am hoping lots of stretching, icing, and Ibprofin will help! I remembered I had an ace bandage that has the ice bag in it! Yes no more ice cubes in a baggy for me! 

Yes! Minus hairy man's leg! Via google.

Then I finished up my workout with some abs, arms and shoulder weights, and lovely planks. Which I swear Brent is never at a loss to make us do planks and squats every work out. We are lucky to escape either! I still will never like planks! Next Tuesday I am hoping to try a BodyFlow class. It is Tai chi, Pilates, and Yoga mixed. I have to time this well because if I do it too closely to PT, then I will be sore while I train, and no that's a bad idea. And after I train, I am sore for about 2 days to the point of I can not move much, so that will not work either. So it looks as though Tuesday is my only window of oppurtunity! And it's a 6:30 class, so hopefully I can make it by then! 

Then I came home and had some dinner, and watched the Biggest Loser and cooked our turkey meat, chicken, beans, quinoa, and cleaned up the kitchen. I swear it is a never ending battle! I can empty dishwasher, refill it, clean some of the pots in sink, and it still looks like I didn't touch it! Then I get it all nice and clean and in 5 minutes BAM dirty again! Man I can't wait till we have kids, I don't think it will ever be clean!

Go from this to this:

then finally to this:
and 5 minutes later I swear this is what happens!
NEVER ENDS! All images via google

I did see this picture on Pinterest that made me laugh for multiple reasons.
via google
1. REALLY? I mean REALLY? Who thinks of this crap.
2. I really hope that isn't a little kid.
3. Red? Uhm, is she the wicked witch of the south? Why red?
4. They could have at least made her shoes a little cuter, just sayin.
5. Why does a sink with human legs, have better muscles than me? Not fair.
6. Yet I still laugh at this.

Ok, one last thing, a marriage thing. I did not realize before getting married that sleeping in the same bed can be quite difficult. If one of you has a restless night, so does the other. Aka, Lyndsey is tired today! Thinking about an early bed time tonight.. ya I always say this, never happens! We shall see! Have a good day all! I leave you with this.
via Pinterest


Lourdes Echagarruga said...

I understand about the blog envy. I get it sometimes but then I realize the reason for my blog. It is for me. It is my space to be myself. I am not trying to impress others and when I start to care about how many followers I have, I am making my blog about other people.

I also notice that most people will read your blog on Google Reader and not click follow (I sometimes do that). So, you don't see them as a follower.

XO Lourdes

Lyndsey said...

Oh Yes I know people are reading it! It is nice to get some feedback from time to time though! I feel like I am talking to myself most of the time! I see the stats, and when I stop blogging I have random people I barely talk to comment on facebook and ask me when I am going to start up again! So I should be thankful for that! I am glad people take the time to read it! I try not to read the super popular blogs anymore so I don't get that blog envy!

(christine) said...

I can totally relate on blog envy. But when it's all said and done, I enjoy having my blog because I can look back on almost 2 years now of stuff I would have otherwise forgotten. Congrats on the 3 miles. There is nothing wrong with a walk break :)

Lyndsey said...

This is true! Can't wait to read after a year and see what my first year of marriage has been like!

bnfunky said...

You have an awesome blog! Stay true to yourself and don't get down! You can always just do a few things to spruce up your blog if it is driving you crazy, but it looks great!

Props on the working out and being a great wife! You seem awesome :)

Fran said...

I know what you mean, but I think you are right in just remembering why you started the blog in the first place. My two reasons were to let my family and friends know what's going on in my life (since I'm so busy with school) and to keep a record of things I'd like to remember. And it serves both of those purposes! I don't really do much to market my blog, and that's okay. The people who want to read it will read it.

Lyndsey said...

thanks for the love girls! I needed it! :)

:sheila: said...

Hey there!....Just want to say your blog is great! I love to read it...and I also think you have it looking really cute!! I must say tho I totally get where you were coming from...I was getting bored with how mine looked, but couldn't find anything to much to change it to that I liked & that I could do for free. ;) Anyway idk how you found it, but TCBOTB website is amazing!! I spent a lot of time on there today & had sooo much fun =) So THANK YOU for your help!!! =) Blessings to you! ♥

Lyndsey said...

Thanks so much Sheila! Just started looking up blog stuff and found a bunch of sites, but found that one and that background which suites me to a T! If you know me I loveee pink, and love france, so anything super girly that looks frenchy I was like YES this is totally me! So I wasn't trying to look like everyone else, I was trying to make the blog look like me. The old backgrounds I had just weren't me, I was trying to make them into me, but couldn't find anything exactly suited. So when I saw this I was like bingo! And just added cute things that were also my personality. Like the I don't hate comments, I could have said leave me some love, but I am a funny person by nature and that other one was more me! So I felt like I was still being true to myself without trying to make it all fancy to appeal to others. I made it appeal to me! And it makes me smile when I look at it!

So glad you found something for yours! I thought that one was cute too! So many cute things you can do, it's just how much time, effort, or money you are willing to put into your blog. I can see now some of those blogs are custom made which cost money. And I am not gonna do that! It's not a website trademarking me! So I am satisfied!