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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

History or His Story?

When you think of the word History, you think about that class in high school where you had to memorize every King that ever lived and when they lived and where etc. Or a bunch of old people start popping up in your head like Abraham Lincoln, Caesar, Hitler, Neil Armstrong, and perhaps JFK. Or maybe you even think about events that happened, 9/11, Pearl Harbor, Korean War, or the Holocaust. Or you think about inventions that happened, the light bulb, electricity, running water, the handy dandy toilet, the automobile, and the snuggie! (haha) Or maybe you think about your first kiss in kindergarten that really never counted, the first time you had a serious injury, a family member's death or a friend, or even your high school years.

When you see the word History, lots of things can come to your mind. But the one thing we neglect to think about, is what this word dissects into. His story. Have you ever looked at History and thought about it as his story? Sure the things that have happened to this time are all in the past. But do you ever look at it as a book God is writing? We automatically think about God only in our lives. He is writing MY story. When in all actuality, your story, is another story in His BIG book. You have a reason in His story. It is always harder to see the big picture and to look outside of ourselves. But all those things that happened in the past, happened for a reason. A reason God chose to have happen. We may not understand some of those things, like wars, death, Holocaust, etc. But we are not the ones writing it.

We can not understand why he has had things happen that seem so horrible to us. But he has a bigger plan, and our small brains can not fathom his concepts. If we had control, we would write that the world be so happy and hunky dory. Peace and smiles. No jails, or bad things. But that would be impossible. The Devil is present and he would never let something like that happen.

We continually try to fight God and have control of what happens in our lives and make it our story. But we all have to realize, this is not our story, and it never was. This is God's story, and it always has been. We are just another character in it! It doesn't mean he doesn't have great things in store for you. But think about it, if we weren't in His story, we would just be wandering around earth for nothing. There would be no need for exciting things, happy things, bad things, unimaginable things, or amazing things to happen. Every story you read is not about a mundane character where nothing happens to them is it? It's full of ups and downs and the good and bad things that happen to that character. So why would you expect your life not to be that way?

Yes it's hard to face the bad times, but it's great to be in good times. You wouldn't get good times if you weren't in God's story. You wouldn't have any kind of times! You would merely be walking around pretty much a zombie. Be happy you are a character in God's story! Instead of never having anything happen to you, you get to experience so many things happen to you! And you never know what God has coming next for you! It is not always going to be what we wanted, or it could be so much more. But just remember God's story is the best that could ever be for you. Without it, your life would be and mean nothing.

So next time you are having a hard time, or even a good time, just remember this isn't your story you are writing. God has this story written, you are merely reading page by page of what happens in it. You can't make a new story, it's already done. So stop trying to change it, accept what God has written for you and don't think you are part of boring history, think that you are part of the absolute greatest story ever told! You are in the same story as Jesus, even though that was so long ago, it was only just a few chapters before you. How amazing is that?


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