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Monday, February 6, 2012

Silly Phobia

Have you ever been out with your friends or family and someone does something in public that just makes you cringe? I think this could be called Silly Phobia. Remember when you were kids, maybe even a teenager and going out and being silly was fun, not embarrassing! Nor did anyone else that you were with would make you cringe at their actions. What happened to that? At what age do we start thinking it's not ok to go out and have fun and not care what other people think? We only have 1 life, we might as well have fun living it! Now I am not saying to go out and create a spectacle, but you shouldn't be afraid to do something out of the ordinary and worry about what other's will say.

I have a few friends that still to this day, regardless of age, they don't mind being silly. This weekend I went out for one of my best friend's birthdays to Bahama Breeze. She made us wear masks for a masquerade theme birthday. When I heard we were going to wear these, I cringed inside. Oh man, I am 24, going out in public with a bright pink mask on? Really??! Are we 12? But then I realized I will do anything for my best friend, so if this makes her happy fine, not about me! When I put on the mask before we left the house, I was just holding my breath. Oh man what are people going to say to grown women on a regular night wearing masks and it's not a party or bachelorette party? I got nervous and prepared myself inside for scrutiny.

Once we got to the restaurant, we didn't make it into the door before some shmuck was making comments on our masks. (We actually got a few comments and had a few people come ask us why we were wearing them.) All of a sudden I was mad and wondered when did I become so cautious and care what others thought of me? So what if we are having harmless fun and not bothering anyone? What gives him the right to hoot and holler rude comments to us? When did I forget how much fun it was to be fun and have random fun. My senior year and first year of college was ALL about being as random, fun and crazy as possible because we had no money! When did I become so old and why am I acting like I am 40?

When I have children I am going to surely embarrass them, and there are going to be moments in public I will have to put a spoon on my nose, or talk in silly voices, or paint my face. So why do I have to wait to have kids to keep enjoying having pure harmless fun? That night just got me thinking, and it made me want to ask all of you-

Where has all the pure, harmless, fun gone in adults? Why do we have to be so uptight because of our age or getting married? Who cares if we go see a cartoon with our other adult friends? Have you fallen into this pattern of losing your inner fun? WHERE HAS ALL THE FUN GONE PEOPLE?!!?!

Now enjoy some pictures of random fun I surely miss!
My pink mask!
Girls night painting nails and chatting!
Must have aprons to decorate christmas cookies!
Dancing with your best friend and Nana!
Love me some Taylor Lautner!
Photobombing the best man!
Being the only one wearing obnoxious things in public!
Pronouncing your love for your favorite football team amidst your bachelorette party!
Asking someone at the pool you have never met to take pictures of you! haha
Wearing a shirt in public proclaiming your love for your nerdy gamer bf (at the time, now hubby)
Taking pics with giant ballon dudes
Wearing crazy hats!
Angry faces!
Black light fun!
Playing with bunnies!
No words for this
What cute fish!
This is what happens when you have pointless fun.. you laugh ridiculously hard!
more pool pics with children all around!
Pictures with celebs (Howie Day)
He would not go away till he took a pic with us! So why not?!
A must have pic from Cedar Point!
Being the only adults on the swings.. and re riding them 3x in a row!
Getting caught singing!

:) hope u enjoyed my sillyness! Where's yours?

1 comment:

Meg O @watchmegorun said...

awww I love this and all the silly photos! You know I love to be silly :) Whether it's silly dancing, doing stupid things like kissing taylor launter, acting like a 5 year's all fun. Looking cool is overrated anyway ;) love ya!