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Monday, February 27, 2012

Never Again!!

I learned something I will never ever again do-eat Ethiopian food. No knock to those who like or love it, but for me, I am not a fan. I was already hesitant staring at the menu on the door before we went it. I tried to coerce the group to look somewhere else, but I lost. So I just sucked it up and thought, hey it's an experience I guess I will try it. It was an experience all right! 
1. You ate out of a basket. 
2. You didn't get silverware.
3. I was getting nauseated by the smell of curry overload.
4. The food looked like baby food.
5. It tasted like baby food too.
6. Their "bread" is not real bread, don't be fooled!
7. Only good food they had were the desserts!

So the only things I liked about this was the unique eat out of a basket idea, the hot towels before and after dinner, the kitchy decor, and the dessert. The end. I wish you guys could have seen my face during this process. I didn't even need to say anything about not liking it, they could tell by my face and how little I was eating. Also my stomach does not agree with this food. Apparently the "bread" expands in your stomach. Didn't go over so well. Needless to say my Saturday was spent in bed/bathroom. Fun right? So here's my advice, if you don't like curry, or Indian food, bland baby food, or have a sensitive stomach, do not go to an Ethiopian restaurant! You will regret your choice! For those who love it, don't know how you do it! So here is a few pics from the evening!

fun basket to eat out of
this guys face was all over

the blue nile
warm towels before dinner
exhibit A-baby food
exhibit B-bland "bread" no flour or salt or taste for that matter

So since I wasn't feeling good all weekend from my venture into Ehtiopia, I just relaxed and took a break from internet land. But Monday is already fighting with me. Did not sleep well last night, and by 7 am, I had already been peed on. Joy. So for my own enjoyment, I give you my little other love-Dyson. He makes my heart happy when I see his cute face! Enjoy!

Have you ever had Ethiopian food?
Any dining experiences you regretted trying?
How was your weekend?


Evelien said...

never tried it, and don't think I will :) I like to stay in my comfort zone hah!

Meg {henninglove} said...

i am not a fan of ethiopian food either. that bread was not enjoyable at all ugh not a fan at all

Suz and Allan said...

Very interesting but I don't think I would be a fan

Megan said...

Ewww I don't blame you, I don't think I would have liked it either!!