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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Emotional Eating

Short and simple post today. This is totally me!

via Pinterest YES YES!!

Am I alone out there? Anyone else an emotional eater like me? I have really figured out on this diet I am an emotional eater. I am having such a hard time finding other ways to cope with my stress when I just want to emotional eat. I always knew I was an emotional eater and kind of joked about it, but maybe it's a lot more of an issue then I thought! And perhaps an answer to my weight gain with all that wedding stuff, getting married, moving out, newlywed life, ya know life change. It would add up and make sense! 

My food drugs of choice to calm me down:
french fries (cheesy fries even better, esp outback's!)
pasta, esp mac n cheese, LOVE it all!
rainbow chip cookies
of course ice cream/fro yo, but esp THIS baby, it is heaven!
(all via google)

Food does NOT= Friend 
maybe if I repeat this 900x a day I will really believe it.

-Are you an emotional eater? If so, what do you crave? 
-And what do you do to battle emotional eating? 
-Have you over come it or do you still struggle from time to time?
-Do you think emotional eating is a serious problem in our country?

p.s. I blame it on the hormones ;) 

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Michigan Fit Mom said...

Hey Lyndsey!! I added you as a dailymile friend - thanks for the request. Also, I tagged you for a versatile blogger award at my blog

Have a great day!