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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Gym friends, BL, & high/low!

Happy Leap Year Day all! If you have a birthday, happy birthday!! That would really suck to have a birthday on this day! I mean your birthday is one of the best days of the year in my opinion, so not being able to celebrate it every year, psht not happening!

So let's talk gym people. Now I know everyone goes to the gym for different reasons, whether it be to be alone, to release stress, to socialize, or to just get it done. Sometimes we do all of the above. But I am a very social being and my job requires me to be alone ALL day with a 1 yr old. So going home and being alone for a few more hours before my husband gets home really is just depressing to me. So besides going to the gym to get my fitness on, I really like going to socialize.

I used to work at a gym and knew EVERYONE. There were days I felt like I couldn't get a good work out in because people wouldn't leave me alone. But that was my time to be with adults and friends. So moving and switching gyms put me back into not knowing anyone at the gym, which made me really not want to go. We also were going to a different gym previously that didn't have any classes you could take. I realized last night that I think this is what led to weight gain. I didn't know people at the gym and I didn't have classes to motivate me to go. I love classes, and I love getting to know people. Now making friends is motivating me to want to work out more and have fun while I am there!

I also found a running buddy! FINALLY! Someone who runs my pace! And she lives a whole 5 min away! So besides taking classes together, we can run together, and we have plans to shop on Saturday! I am very excited about this because most of my friends are at least 25+ min away, so hanging out requires much planning these days. So it's nice to have someone close now that I can hang out with and work out with! Her name is Jen and I have a feeling she will be in future blogs! :)
These girls knew how to make working out fun! This is what I see my gym experience like. With a friend having fun!
Via Pinterest

Now for the Biggest Loser. As many of you know my former teacher, and now good friend who married us is on this season. His name is Buddy Shuh on the red team. It is awesome to have behind the scenes knowledge and hear how everything works and goes down. I am so very proud of him and I think this week has been the most drama free, and best episode of the year! People need to realize it is a TV show, the more drama you create, the more air time you get. And NBC does a great job mixing things up to make people look how they want them too. They do a great job editing, and cutting things left and right. Just stories I have heard and how false it came across on TV is crazy. So people, don't believe what you see. Remember it's a TV show and they do certain things for ratings. Don't judge these people because you don't know them. They are doing something great, and that is to get their health together and make a better life for themselves. Look at that, not how the show makes them look. But on the DL, for real Conda is not a nice person. So they have that one correct!!

And my last item up for discussion. I saw this quote from Dr. Seuss and it inspired me to do something.
Via Pinterest
I have decided on the last day of the month I am going to start doing a new thing called High/Low. I am going to do the High and the Low of my month. I am also going to do the High and Low of my month for my relationship with God. I want to be honest and real. I am like everyone else, I have good days and bad days and I slack here and there. I think good bloggers aren't all about the glitz, glam, and popularity. They are about being real and honest as well. Not being afraid of being judged. And I challenge you to push yourself to do this. The high part is easy, the low is hard. Admitting defeat, pain, or hardship is hard for anyone. But I am here to provide support and encouragement! So here we go!

February High
Getting enough money back from our taxes that will pay for our honeymoon cruise! I was really nervous we weren't going to be able to afford it!
February Low
Realizing the trauma I have had from my rape has not gone away. You can read about what happened here. It is literally controlling my life & sending me to a bad place. I have lost who I am and feel trapped inside. But in all this, I have realized things need to change, and it's time to get the help I need. This will not go away on it's own. I am seeing options for therapy and am hoping to start going in the next few weeks.

February High Spiritually
Really starting to let go and pray about things first before trying to fix them on my own.
February Low Spiritually
Giving myself excuses to put off bible study or personal time with God. Placing more importance on worldy things than God.

Your turn!
-What kind of gym person are you? Do you like making new friends at the gym?
-What are your thoughts on BL this year?
-Ready to share your high/low moments of February?


Meg {henninglove} said...

wow lyndsey i just read your february low and i am so sorry that happened to you. a situation like that will never truly leave you but im sure with your husband by your side, you can overcome any feelings or emotions you have regarding that awful event

Megan said...

1. I totally agree with having a workout buddy! I'm super social and picked a small gym just so I could really get to know people! love.
2. Good to know that BL is not really all about drama, this season is pretty rough! I really really want to slap Conda and her smug little face :)
3. So sorry to hear about your low! Are you seeing someone who can help you through it?

Lyndsey said...

I forgot to put a link to what happened. I have talked about it before.

Meg-he has been a huge help and thanks!
Megan-I want to smack her every 5 seconds! And I went to therapy for a few months a few years ago and thought that fixed things, which it didn't. And I thought it would just go away if I tried dealing with it on my own, but no such luck. So I am looking into options. My church has been a great help and support for me with this and is offering to help me pay for therapy! Which is wonderful! So hopefully within the next few weeks I will go!

Kylee Noelle {the blog} said...

Sorry about your low! How awful :(

1. I'm a non gym person haha
2. not watching bl this season but I kinda miss it
3. high: birthday celebrations
low: a crazy couple days of insanely stressful busyness

Suz and Allan said...

I could probably write a novel on this season of BL but I will say it's not my favorite.

Hooray for finding a running buddy! That's awesome!

Nicole said...

hey beautiful girl.

you are so so brave to share your heart here. i really admire that.

i also can totally relate to the low of putting off bible study. i totally do that. but then of course i see the negative affect it has on my relationships/life/marriage/etc.

God first. that's my mantra.

happy wednesday to you friend.