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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What was I thinking?

Do you ever have those what was I thinking moments? For example:
-Drinking caffeine too close to bedtime.
-Forgetting to bring a hoodie/sweater with you during summer when everywhere is FREEZING inside.
-Taking a nap at 7 pm, and then waking up and not being able to fall back asleep!
-Even though you are tvoing a show, you stay up to watch it anyways when you have to be up at 5 am.
-Eating your last piece of gum before buying more first.
-Eating right before a work out.
-Thinking you can pull all nighters like you were in high school.
-Mixing beer and liquor.
-Not checking the toilet paper roll before sitting down and being stuck in a predicament.
-Going to the grocery store hungry.
-Running outside and forgetting you have to run back, therefore having to call to be picked up.
-Thinking being tan=low or no spf.

Well you get the point! Now have you ever had a what was I thinking moment and it worked out for the better? Most of the time, this is not the case. But in rare circumstances, it happens. Like so:
-peanut butter and green grapes, which is divine!
-frozen grapes, it's almost like candy!
-watching seinfield while running, turns out it's pretty funny sometimes and quite distracting.
-starting a blog & seeing how much work it is, but finding it's worth it!
-taking a ginger bath which looks like diarrhea for a cold, turns out it works!
-eating more then 1 cupcake, well cupcakes can never be bad!
-purchasing a swim suit online from VS, and it actually fits and you like it!
-watching what I like about you & glee, and LOVING them.
-refusing to see any Twilight movies/read the books, then giving in and realizing you secretly like them!

Why are most of these about food? Hmm..

But, I had one of these moments last week. I crazily decided to do a bodyflow class at the gym, and then stayed for spin class after. Half way through spin I was yelling at myself and wondering where my senses were and why I thought this was a good idea!

Then last night, I decided ok, let's try this plan 1 more time. If it's is as torturous as last week, no more spinning. I did my bodyflow and was all stretched out ready to take spinning head on. About half way through spin class I was thinking, what was I thinking?! Why did I disregard spinning so much before? I actually LIKE it! And not only that, I think I am starting to love it. I know, it may be a little too soon to use the L-O-V-E word.. but I actually enjoyed some of the class. At one point I closed my eyes and imagined I was riding through beautiful snow capped mountains with the wind in my face and flying down the roads. At the moment, I knew I was in trouble. I could get used to this! Although I may look a little something like this guy in green:
I feel your pain buddy! (google)

But at the end of spin class I feel SOO good and so proud of myself for going! I love that you can make class as hard or as easy as you want, and you can still make it the entire hour! It is hard, so I like that I can challenge myself every class and not become complacent. Although my butt wishes it could become complacent to those seats! Hoping I build up calluses towards those seats! Not fun being sore for the next few days! But it is worth it! Maybe one day I will purchase something like this to plaster somewhere:
Like I said.. maybe. (google)

So alas, my what was I thinking moment has produced something new, fun, challenging, and hopefully result bearing! If you are a spinner and want a good laugh, read this ladies blog-spin class. I laughed quite hard reading this one! It is SO true! If you don't spin, check it out and see our anguish, pain,  funnnn during spin class!

Ok your turn! 
-Do you or have you taken spin class?
-Do you love it? Hate it? Sorta like it?
-What are some of your what was I thinking moments? Have any turned out good? 

Happy Wednesday! Yoga night! Woo!


Meg O @watchmegorun said...

Haha love it. I knew u would become a spin addict. U know I love it. I miss it. I wanna go w u sometime!

Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

I love this post :) Peanut butter and frozen grapes?! WOW that sounds like heaven seriously I need to try that!

TriGirl said...

Thanks for the mention! Spinning is craziness but also pretty awesome :) Fun post!

Suz and Allan said...

This is a post I can relate to so much! I have to confess that I still have yet to go to a spin class. Glad you've fallen in love with it!

Megan said...

Good for you! An hour of spin is my limit, it's pretty hard to keep up the intensity for that long :)