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Monday, February 13, 2012

Ladies, love your flowers!

Hey ladies! Just wanted to do a quick post with a tip on flowers since vday is coming! I used to work at a flower shop and picked some things up! :)

For flower bouquets.
1. Before adding flowers into water-STOP!! First when you get the flowers home, unwrap them and give the tips of the bottom of stem a trim. Turn on warm water and hold tips under running water as you cut them. The cut adds fresh life to flower to soak up water.
2. Unless your flowers are in a cooler, they do not survive well in super cold water, it actually kills them! When filling your vase up add half warm water, and half cold water. Do not fill to the top of vase. They do not need to drown in water! Fill your vase about half way!
3. Now for those packets that come with them that are "food" for your plant. Don't let this tip fool you. You do not need the WHOLE packet. Pour about 1/4 in or none at all. Too much food actually kills them quicker.
these things incase you don't know what I was referring to
4. Try to change your water daily, or every other day. The longer you wait to change the water, the quicker the flowers will also die. It needs fresh water to get new nutrients! 
5. Every other day trim a little more off the bottom, not a huge amount maybe 1/4 inch. Now don't think these tips will make them last forever! They will last longer then 2 or 3 days. Most of my flowers last at least a week, sometimes 2 doing this!

For indoor flower plants.
1. Most of us tend to over water our plants. This is a neat trick to help you not do that. Instead of measuring water or pouring a certain amount in, use an ice cube instead! It will slowly melt, so you won't end up with a leaky mess, and will give the plant just the right amount to not over water it. If it still looks dry later on in the day add another cube. This way no mess, easy to pop out of freezer and no glasses or watering cans involved! Simple eh?
2. Make sure you read the insert in plant on how to treat it, or research proper care for your plant. Indoor plants are all different and may need different things. Some plants drink water, others barely need it! So in order to properly care for your plant you need to know how to first, or you will kill it! 

So ladies, give your flowers some love and make them last! Get everything out of them and enjoy their beauty a bit longer! 

Do you have any other flower tips?

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