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Monday, February 20, 2012

Vday recap!

So I will describe vday more or less in pics. We had a part 1 and 2. Part 1 was Antonio's vday from me, and part 2 was his vday for me. They had to be on seperate days so we could fit it all in! So for my part, I took him to a wine tasting at St. Julian Winery down in Dundee. He is really getting into wine lately so I thought that would be fun. Then there just so happened to be a Russell Stover Store in the parking lot! SCORE! So we ventured over there and checked out the goodies.. maybe had a few of them.. maybe not! ;) Then we went and saw an early viewing of the Vow, pretty good. Then after that I took him to this Mexican place that is called Tios. If you have ever watched Man vs Food, he did this 5 lb nacho challenge at Tios. Antonio has been wanting to go there SO bad and try it, so I thought hey why not surprise him with this. On our way to Tios, we had a nice blizzard which was fun to drive in! (Not!) So after our evening adventures, we slowly made our way home, good thing we weren't too far from Tios! So here is part 1 in pics!
Wine tasting
Don't mind silly husband.
Every girl's fantasy, no? Or diabetes in a box.
all the candies that they messed up on go in here and they sell them for much cheaper
almost purchased this bumper sticker

Antonio said if I was a caramel apple, this is what I would look like.. aww so romantic.
this was 12 minutes into challenge!
He ordered it before I could argue price!
He couldn't do it, and this was after I dove in and helped out. Still at least a pound left! 

Part 2
He started off by surprising me with flowers, a card, and little desserts from whole foods that he had left in my car while I was working! Sneaky.. I know. Then when I got home he told me we are leaving now! So glad I hadn't showered, put jeans on, or had make up on. Looked like a hot mess! He took me to The Earle in AA. We had appetizers, which were phenomenal! Can't wait to eat meals there one day! Then we left and he proceeded to take me to a comedy show, which he had reserved from row seats to! That was super fun and a story best told in person! This time we didn't have a snow storm and it was about 32 out, so we decided to wander around AA and we were still hungry so we decided to go to noodles and company (I had a coupon for free dinners! score!) and took it home to eat as we watched one of our dvr shows we both like. It was a very nice evening and he did a good job! :) What a good husband!
I was surprised when I opened my door!
He got me a canoli (MY FAV,) this smaller things, one with white chocolate filling, white chocolate & pink chocolate shavings on top, the other with raspberry mousse and pink sprinkles! He knows me all too well. :)
Inside of our booth at The Earle, made out of wine corks
Cheese stuffed tortellini with a cream sauce. O M G. I almost licked the plate it was that good.
Risotto balls deep fried, aka upscale version of cheese sticks. Amazeballs!!!
View from our table, hard to tell how cool it was in there.
AA Comedy Club

So there you have it. I would say we had a pretty great Valentine's Day! I know we probably won't keep this up for too long, but it is fun to do while we are still young, newlyweds, and have no kids! We may not be able to do this kind of stuff in the future, so we wanted to take advantage of it now! 

Happy Monday! 

Any other good wine tasting places in MI?
Any restaurants you recommend? 
Did you have any traditions you did early on in marriage that you no longer do now?


Kristin Miller said...

I just had to lick the drool from my mouth after looking at that cheerios breakfast just doesn't seem to be cutting it!

Sharon van der Walde said...

Aw love this!! Great pics to go along with a wonderful time!

Megan said...

Looks like y'all had a great V Day! That plate of nachos is HUGE!!

Karen said...

You need to head up to Traverse City for some Wine Time. Lot's of vineyards and of course the area is beautiful. What a beautiful Valentine Day.

Lyndsey said...

Kristen, you will have lots of yummy food soon!!
Megan-it was! Took us another two days to finish it!
Karen-That sounds like a great idea! I wanted to go to an actual winery, but it wouldn't do much good being winter and all! We will be in traverse in july!