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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Hot Mess!

So far 2012 has not bode well for me! I am a hot mess! Started out with a continuous asthma/cold combo that has FINALLY ended! took 5 weeks to get over. Ridiculous, I know. So just as I was rounding the corner most of you know I got hit with the stomach flu. And when I say hit, I mean got ran over with a train twice. It was bad. But hubby took care of me with lots of chicken noodle soup, crackers, and powerade. He even made me a makeshift table. Had to take a pic of course!

So I started feeling better about Tuesday, but I kept it safe with easy foods. Went to gym and felt fine. Then wednesday I decided to go back to our lovely diet and Wednesday night a war ensued inside my stomach. I was curled up in a ball in so much pain. I had no idea why this was still happening, and my stomach still was in so much pain. I tried tums, bepto pills, nothing was touching the pain. So I went to the dr thursday and she said that when I took the steroid for my lung inflammation it tore up my stomach and it wasn't quite healed yet when I got stomach flu. And the stomach flu basically ripped my stomach as much as one could. So it needs about 2 weeks to heal. I flushed out all the good bacteria, bile, basically anything and everything in stomach that digests food. So it left me completely raw inside hence the pain. So it needs to heal, and regenerate all those juices and things. So I am on soft foods for another week, and on anti nausea pills as well. As far as my stomach pain, nothing she can really do till it heals up. So that kind of sucks, but at least I have some answer.

As far as my knee goes. I asked her about that too. She played around with it and said that when I switched to my Brooks, they ended up pronating my ankle and made my weight go all onto the right side of my leg. So my right leg muscle got stronger and is now pulling the tendon connected to my knee cap to the right. It almost feels like I am walking to the right but I am not. So my ankle and hip is thinking oh well wherever the knee goes, we follow, so they are now wanting to go to the right as well. Which is not correct! So she told me to keep icing, ibprofin for the little inflammation I had and pain. I need to strengthen inner thigh muscle so it will even out to pull knee cap back, no running till it's fixed (BOO!) and to wear a knee strap to help try and pull my tendons back straight! This baby:
via google
Which I can tell is helping a lot! The pain has gone away already! and I feel like my knee is starting to go back into place! She also told me to get rid of those new shoes. They are not good for me. So I took them back to Running Fit and they let me do an even exchange thankfully! So I got a stability shoe that just came out. It will help me move off my heels and move to mid foot when I run and have less impact when I do hit my heels. And a heel drop of 8mm. Hopefully these are what I need! 
Saucony Progrid Guide 5

So in conclusion, doing a lot of healing and hopefully getting out of being a hot mess! I will not let these things get me down!
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One last thing for the day. Wanted to share a cute video of my sugar bear Lola eating some cottage cheese! :)


Meg O @watchmegorun said...

the new shoes are so cute, hope they work for you! And of course Lola is always so cute :)

Kristin Miller said...

I was going to suggest your new shoes, but since you had gotten fitted I assumed they were right for you. Glad things are on the upswing! I often feel that "I'll never get better" feeling.

Lyndsey said...

think shoes and knee band are working!!

Suz and Allan said...

Your new shoes are really cute! Sorry to hear about you being sick. That sounds terrible. Hope you are doing better!

Lyndsey said...

thanks so much! It's going slow.. knee feels much better but stomach is up and down! can't wait to be healthy again!